Friday, February 7, 2014



 Slowly turning into a monochrome-fashion-phase? Hmm..not quite, I still feel the need to add some color on me (and the haircolor doesn't count!) and around me, even though listening to The Black Keys, drinking wine and run from responsabilities beats my own rules. Not that I have that many. 
In any case, I am happy the snow has gone away - hopefully it won't come back anytime soon - I am also happy I finally purchased one of my favorite perfumes "Nina" by Nina Ricci and not that happy that I can't seem to find a simple basic white shirt - sorry, ANOTHER simple basic white shirt. 
Enough babbling, just go out being feminie and pretty. It's all that matters!

  lvalva4 lav6 lva2 lva1 lva5 

  Wearing: H&M sweater, thrifted hat, no name necklace and bag, skirt, Deichmann boots, borrowed belt