Monday, February 10, 2014

J.Crew's Sale Section is Still Bursting

I, along with many of you, thought there would be another promotion from J.Crew today. Instead, J.Crew sent an email this morning about it's Surf Varsity Jacket. Nice jacket, just not what I was expecting. ;)

What was I hoping to see from J.Crew: another additional percent off promo for their Sale merchandise. Why? Because the amount of stuff on sale is crazy right now. J.Crew Sale (click here to shop online) section this morning has 1600+ for Women and 800+ for Men.

Not only is there a huge sale inventory, but items are just lounging around the sale section and not selling out quickly.

I am not sure what plans J.Crew might have for the items (e.g. sending it to the clearance centers), but they may want to offer a deep discount (a la 50% off) or reduce prices some more. It's time to clear out merchandise that will start becoming in-season again (because they have been around that long!) ;)

Were you expecting a promotion from J.Crew today? What do you think the next promotion will be (and when do you think it will come)?