Friday, February 7, 2014

Myles Palisoc: The Hottest in 2013 Philippine Male Pageants

#1 - Myles Palisoc (Ginoong Filipinas 2013) 
Score: 43.4 + 47 = 90.4

Myles Palisoc is the hottest among all the male pageant candidates in the Philippines for the year 2013! Brave and daring, I have lost count of how many male pageants he joined into. Perhaps he too might not be able to count how many left and right contests he was into. He won some, he lost some. One thing remains, though. He is always the candidate to beat. Luckily, he wins this contest hands down. His charming dimple and good-boy-smile makes me very endearing to the male pageant aficionados. More power to Myles! Congratulations! Myles will receive a trophy from the blog Male Pageants in the Philippines.

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