Sunday, February 9, 2014

Surprise! J.Crew Sends Their ...Apologies?!?

"Thanks!" to many of you, including ajr (in this post), as well as Katherine (in this post), who shared the following delightful surprise/ news with us:
Did anyone receive the $50 giftcard for shipping issues at the holiday? It seems too good to be true! ...
Also "thanks!" to Beach Chic Girl (in this post), who also shared:
Hi. I received mine yesterday. It was nicely packaged and included an apology note and a 2014 day planner. I was surprised as I don't even recall having shipping issues during the holidays. I thought it was my rewards card at first.
So how do some customers get these apology-gifts? No clue. Honestly. No clue. However, it is a lovely and thoughtful way of saying sorry to those customers.

So check your mailbox in the next few days to see if you got something extra special from J.Crew that says "sorry, hope we are still cool". :)