Sunday, February 16, 2014

UNDER THE GUNN.....Nick's Looks: Fashion Style Photo Gallery of Episode 5 "Under The Gunn"

Posing Mentor: (left to right) designer Sam Donovan, Nick Verreos and Mondo Guerra--Benefit "Pretty Room"--Lifetime's Project Runway "Under The Gunn" Episode 5

 (L to R): Tim Gunn, Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi and Zendaya--Project Runway "Under The Gunn" Episode 5

For this past week's Project Runway "Under The Gunn" episode--as stressful as it was--I still found time to dress up.  The theme was "Make a Stage Look for Zendaya". In case you missed my "Nick's Take" on the episode, click HERE. This post is about my fashion/looks, of course.

Nick Workroom Check-In Style: For this first day--when the challenge was announced and the designers had to create their look for Zendaya, I wore a pink striped "seersucker"-style jacket from Topman, a blue dress shirt with white collar from U.S. Polo Assn., Zara jeans, and silk pocket scarf from Etro:

 Etro Fab: silk printed pocket scarf from Etro

Benefit and Blow Pro "Under The Gunn" Pretty Room Contemplatin': Designer Asha Daniels and Nick Verreos--The following day, when it was time for the Makeup and Hair, as well as Runway/Judging, I wore...

Studded and striped: I wore one of my favorite jackets---a black stretch wool blazer with studded shawl collar/lapel from ASOS, white dress shirt from H&M, striped tie from Marc Jacobs and...

...Skinny blue pants from Topman--Nick Verreos Project Runway "Under The Gunn" Episode 5

Thanks to my one-and-only NIKOLAKI design partner and unofficial stylist, David Paul, for styling me!