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How to Host a Romantic Evening That Will Get You {What You Want} in the Comfort of Your Own Home

This Spring I want Romance
No matter your love language a romantic evening at home may be overdue. Or maybe not...but here's a sure fire way to spice it up and go all in.

Romantic Evenings at home can be on any day of the week not just Valentine's Day or Anniversaries. Show them you care with a surprise date night at home.

Quality one-on-one time with your partner can be simple & easy or extravagant and elegant. A little help from the CHOCOLATE gods and you're sure to get what you want.


  1. Put the Kids to Bed Early or drop them off at Grandma's house for the evening
  2. Surprise HIM | HER
  3. Create a Romantic Ambiance
  4. Go all out for the Dinner Menu
  5. Plan Ahead
  6. Dessert

Put the kids to bed early

Just because you have kiddos (or pets) doesn't mean that romance is dead. Sometimes romance does not come naturally so we have to work at it. You may even find that after this date night at home you begin to schedule them regularly. Regardless make sure that you have quality time alone by eliminating any distractions. 

Surprise Him | Her

Elegant and Romantic Invite in a box
 (Image Source)

Its no secret that we all love a surprise...especially when it is an unexpected event or gift from your loved one. Send him or her a package earlier in the day inviting them to your special date night at home. This is your opportunity to shine, flowers or their favorite chocolates can also be sent with the invitation. Make it special and try not to let on to the surprise factor....if they pack a lunch or gym bag you can slip a little note or package in before they leave for work.

for more creative packaging ideas check out my Pinterest Board Packaging:

Packaging Ideas & Inspiration

Create a Romantic Ambiance

This doesn't have to be difficult, creating a romantic ambiance in your home can be as simple as lighting scented candles. Add some flowers to the coffee table or kitchen table, win points when you do both. Got a bathtub? Fill it with water, bubbles, candlelight & rose petals and you are well on your way. 
Romantic Bathtub Ambiance (Image Source)
Get dressed up, just because you are at home doesn't mean that wearing your sweatpants from college is okay. Remember, its a special occasion so put on your sexy black dress or suit and tie as if you were going out on the town. 
Little Black Dress, Mens Suit and Tie with Hanky
Dress up like you would for a fancy restaurant (Make them think WOW)

Do you have a favorite song or sound track? Keep the television off and play soft music in the background. Connection is key and creating memories as well as reminiscing on past memories can be entertaining. Play a board game or dance....get creative.

Go All Out for the Dinner Menu and Presentation

I personally love cooking so this part is easy for me, however, for those who dread the kitchen and fear preparing an edible meal, its really the thought that counts. Following a recipe might be the best way to go, PINTEREST is my favorite go to for recipes and dinner ideas. Check out our Recipe Boards by clicking on caption of each board.

Pinterest Board Recipes, Dinner, Appetizers, Sides
See this Pinterest Board Click HERE
To See this Pinterest Board Click HERE
Decorate the dinner table and get as fancy as you want. Impressive table setting with name cards and printed menu help to add a special touch. 

Table Setting, Dinner Menu, Romantic, Placecards
Romantic Table Settings for Dinner (Source of Images)

Plan Ahead

This is a big one...we don't plan to fail...we fail to plan. So be sure and give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Remember, its special surprise date night, start a few weeks in advance and give yourself time to pull this one off.


Not only are you going to cook dinner but you are going to bake an amazing Triple Layer Brownie Chocolate Cake that is sure to give the ultimate foodgasm. I'm just warning you....
Recipe for this mouth watering chocolate cake coming soon!

Triple Chocolate Cake with Brownie and Chocolate Chips Recipe
The most amazing Triple Chocolate Cake EVER!!

After all of that...I'm thinking you have yourself an unforgettable evening at home that will get you {anything you want} in no time!

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PIRCH San Diego in the UTC Westfield Shopping Center

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