Tuesday, March 4, 2014

J.Crew Updates Website Design {crap}

"Thanks!" to many of you, including November Jones (in this post), who noticed and commented on J.Crew's "improved" layout design that took place during the last rollout of new arrivals.

In addition to the new header announcing promotions and offers, many of you noticed that the sale section get revamped. The new layout (shown above) still offers customers a way to drill down by category, size, etc. However, it no longer allows customers to choose how many items they can see at once.

The old layout shown below, seems a lot better to me. Why? Because it is easier to navigate, easier to sort, easier to see multiple items on one page. Under the old layout, I only had to browse 21 pages. Under the new layout, I have to browse twice as many.

Now, this just might be a case of familiarity. I recognize that time and usage may change my mind. However, right now I am missing the old layout. In my opinion, this is a downgrade...

What are your thoughts on the layout change to J.Crew's website? Do you think it is an "upgrade" or "downgrade"?

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