Monday, March 24, 2014

Mister Global 2014 Scandal!!!

Recently, the social media was flooded with photos of the candidates of Mister Global 2014 that showed them all together in bed, some with affectionate photos with a pageant website CEO, and seemingly not in good taste for a pageant promotion, making the netizens doubt as to what the pageant is sending as its message to the followers of male beauty competitions.

Certainly, it left a very distasteful impression from the netizen. One missosology member named Neekolas commented, “Images are important. These pictures clearly tell that the organization does not promote gentlemanly conduct and character. Naked men on the bed, as if in orgy, these images reflect gay fantasies.

Another missosology member named named Willangel79 also pointed out: “I think as we give female pageant candidates respect and highlight their importance in society, we should also respect male pageant candidates as well. Some of those pictures, while look fun, do suggest indecently. Some of those pics don't help if the org is really trying to lift the level of professionalism in male pageantry. I hope this org can give these male candidates their privacy in their own rooms.”