Monday, March 24, 2014

Mister Global 2014 Statement Regarding Photo Scandals

Mister Global 2014 organizers are into defensive stance. After earning the ire of the netizens over distasteful photos, the organizers chose to issue an apology through their facebook page:

In behalf of the Mister Global organization, I would like to apologize about what happened yesterday (March 23, 2014) during the fashion shoot for a variety magazine. The photos that circulated in social media were not the official photos that are supposed to be released for the fashion magazine, which is one of our media sponsors for the pageant.

The organizers agreed to let some contestants who were chosen by the sponsors to take their photos for publication in the next magazine issue. Prior to the said photo shoot, the magazine editorial board submitted a concept for the approval of the Mister Global organizers. The organizers approved the said concept because they were deemed good for a fashion magazine. However, the actual concept during the photo shoot was slightly different than what was originally agreed prior to the pageant. The photos that have circulated in the social media were also not from the official photographer of the magazine. The photos taken were all supposed to be subject for screening prior to publication.

The presence of the little girl who sat with the contestants during the photo shoot was not part of what the organizers have previously agreed on. However, the sponsors explained that it was supposed to be just for personal use and not to be included in the magazine. The parents of the child were also with her during the entire photo shoot. The organizers and the sponsors did not intend to spread a wrong message with this kind of photo. Thus, we humbly ask for the removal of the photos from different websites.

Once again, we sincerely ask for your understanding on this issue. Rest assured, the Mister Global pageant is not in any way created to exploit the contestants or to promote pornography. We promise not to create the same concept again for the next photo shoots and in the next editions of the pageant.