Monday, March 10, 2014

NIKOLAKI.....Nikolaki Gown Fashion Presentation and an Introduction by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: A BLOG RECAP!

Designer and Model Fab: Designers Nick Verreos and David Paul of NIKOLAKI with models in their NIKOLAKI Red Carpet Collection gowns--backstage at the special "Red Carpet Fashion Presentation", FIDM

This past Friday, I had the honor and opportunity--along with my co-designer David Paul--to showcase our NIKOLAKI Fall 2014 Red Carpet Gowns Collection at a special party to kick off the 2014 Los Angeles Democratic Convention. The party was held at Grand Hope Park, adjacent to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM Downtown L.A. campus. The event/party organizers were big fans of my designs and "Project Runway" and thought what better way to showcase the fact that LA and Hollywood is a Red Carpet Town by giving the guests of the party a little fashion show!

Models Leslie Allen and Nadya P. backstage in NIKOLAKI gowns--Leslie Allen is in a strapless red silk/wool ziberline gown and Nadya in a lemon yellow silk organza open back ball gown with hand-sewn Swarovski crystal straps

Backstage Dish: Models backstage discussing World Peace...OK, maybe not...but they were still wearing our NIKOLAKI Fall 2014 gowns

Under The Gunn Model Reunion: (L to R) Aleksandra Rastovic, Leslie Allen, Nick Verreos, Tylynn Nguyen, Janica de Guzman, Amanda Fields and Bianca Palmerin--While backstage getting the models in our NIKOLAKI gowns, I suddenly realized that LOTS of them--the majority--were "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" model alumni; in other words, they were/are on the show! So you know I had to get an "Under The Gunn" model pic

The Tent: The tent set-up for the Los Angeles Democratic Convention  Launch Party, FIDM Grand Hope Park

The Honorable Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Nick Verreos--L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti introducing me at Friday night's "Red Carpet Fashion Presentation", FIDM Grand Hope Park Downtown L.A.

Mayor-Nick-Model Selfie: The Honorable Eric Garcetti immediately got into the Oscars Selfie vibe and took a selfie of us--myself, the Honorable Mayor, and my NIKOLAKI-clad models

 Nick Verreos and models in NIKOLAKI Fall 2014 Red Carpet gowns, FIDM/Grand Hope Park--OMG! That's my reaction above after L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti took the model/designer/Mayor selfie. Yes, I was verklempt!

Nick Verreos--flanked by NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul gown-wearing models

Model Tylynn Nguyen in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul printed silk chiffon halter-neck gown with gold jeweled detail

Red Carpet Gorgeous: Nick Verreos and model Bianca Palmerin in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul gold sequined gown with high side slit and cowl-draped accents (left); Nick Verreos and mlodel Nadya P. (right) in lemon yellow striped silk organza backless ball gown with Swarovski crystal straps

Lady In Red: Nick Verreos introducing model Leslie Allen in NIKOLAKi by Nick Verreos & David Paul red silk/wool ziberline strapless gown

Sequined Goddess: Nick Verreos and model Amber Lindauer in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul black and silver paillette gown woth attached capelet and side-front slit

Finale Line-Up: Nick Verreos and models in NIKOAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul Fall 2014 Red Carpet Collection gown fashion presentation

"Take a Fun Picture!": Nick Verreos and David Paul of NIKOLAKI with models (L to R) Leslie Allen, Nadya P., Janica de Guzaman and Amanda Fields, backstage