Monday, March 10, 2014

The Best Cheesy Garlic Bread Ever | PIRCH™ Experience Yumology 101

Experiential Luxury, The Pirch, Yumology 101, San Diego, La Jolla
TLG Experience at The Pirch in Westfield UTC in La Jolla

Have you heard of PIRCH™?

Have you been to PIRCH™?

Have you experienced Yumology101 at PIRCH™?

If you answered NO to any of those questions then #imsorryimnotsorry but you are missing out.
The Pirch™ in UTC, La Jolla, California

Putting a whole new revolutionary concept on shopping for our homes. Pirch™ offers an elevated experience inspiring us to branch out and "feather our nest" with things that bring joy to our homes.

I know...I know you are probably thinking...Teresa you are crazy...since when has going shopping for home appliances ever been an experiential luxury? PIRCH™ comes to the rescue. Showroom after showroom with interactive components is only the beginning.

Hosting monthly events like Yumology101 and Fresh Market Thursday for an experience like no other. Come along with us on our first Yumology101 date night.
"That's right fellas...I said date night...take her out for a 3-course meal all prepared by professional chefs, don't forget to RSVP!"
I know what they say...if it sounds to good to be probably is...this my friends, is the exception to that rule.

Not only do they feed you...but you get step-by-step instructions on how you can prepare the meal for yourself at home. With your new appliances that you purchased or will be purchasing from PIRCH™, of course!

Offering complimentary beverages upon arrival, not just coffee or water but your choice: Mocha, Latte, Macchiato, Americano, Cappuccino, Blackberry Lime Juice, Apple Water infused with Rose Petals, Earl Gray Tea...and countless others.


The Caramel Latte is my favorite so far. What I love most about this perk: its totally unexpected and makes you feel VIP.

Yumology101 was held in the Savor Kitchen on Wolf Appliances and hosted by Chef Maria & Chef Ben.

For an appetizer Chef Maria made Cheesy Garlic Bread - the best I have EVER tasted. She started with a baguette loaf using a criss-cross slice method, watch the video below for better clarification.

The PIRCH Experience, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Tutorial, Cooking, Recipe

Go Ahead, you know you want to....Hit the play button for a quick tutorial:

Cheesy Garlic Bread, The PIRCH, Wolf Convection Steam Oven, Sub-Zero

Ingredients for the Cheesy Garlic Bread include: Butter, Garlic, Shallot, Green Onion, Red Onion and Parmesan Cheese

While Maria demonstrated she baked garlic bread for our appetizer in the Wolf Convection Steam Oven, you can interchange types of bread loafs to whatever you like.

Other preparations included Sunchoke Soup, Polenta, Balsamic Honey Chicken, Asparagus and Molten Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert.

yumology101, The PIRCH, Wolf Appliances, Sunchoke Soup, Grilled Chicken, Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, Live Joyfully
The entire experience lasted about 2 hours. So...what are you waiting for?

Go register for their next event: Fresh Market Thursday

We'll see you there! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @TheLuxeGen

Behind the Scene Photos

Experiential Luxury, Home Luxury, the PIRCH, Wolf Appliances, Convection Steam Oven
Wolf Convection Steam Oven

Sunchoke Soup Preparation

Cheesy Garlic Bread 
Fresh Ingredients
the PIRCH, Yumology101, Polenta, Wolf Appliances, Experiential Luxury, Home Luxury
Polenta on Wolf Appliance

the PIRCH, Yumology101, Lava Cake, Chocolate, Caramel
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake w/Caramel