Monday, March 10, 2014

UNDER THE GUNN.....Nick's Looks: Fashion Style Photo Gallery of Episode 8 Unvonventional Beach Party Challenge

Mentor Chic: (L to R) Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra and Anya Ayoung-Chee, posing in the "Under The Gunn" Mentor's Lounge--Episode 8 "Unconventional Beach Party"

In this week's edition of "Nick's Looks"/Mentor Style--here's a Style Recap of the fashion my trusty life partner-in-crime--and unofficial "Under The Gunn" wardrobe stylist, David Paul put together for me...Enjoy!

Beach Kids: (L to R) Natalia Fedner, Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Nick Verreos and Stephanie Ohnmacht--Project Runway: Under The Gunn Episode 8 "Unconventional Beach Party"

First up, here's what I wore for the "Challenge Announcement" which happened at Santa Monica Beach on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) :

Nick Verreos on Santa Monica Beach, Pacific Coast Highway: I had a navy-and-white striped dress shirt, light blue linen jacket, skinny jeans...all from Zara, as well as an orange silk pocket scarf, and...

My Syracuse blue "Mocks" shoes with orange twill lacing--they're plastic, stylish, perfect for slipping on at the beach. While Tim Gunn featured flip flops, this is what I wore to the beach thank you very much.

Runway Judging:

 Ready for the Beach Judging: (Clockwise from top) Nick Verreos, Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Natalia Fedner and Stephanie Ohnmacht--Project Runway: Under The Gunn Episode 8 "Unconventional Beach Party"

I decided to go "Euro Casual/Elegant" with my vintage navy blue double-breasted jacket with gold buttons that I got years ago from an LA Thrift Store, a striped Marc Jacobs dress shirt, skinny jeans a red zig-zag print tie...

 And these fabulous red suede tassel loafers that I bought a couple of years back in Florence Italy.

That's it for this week's edition of "Nick's Looks"/Mentor Style...

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