Sunday, March 2, 2014

WHO WORE WHAT?.....86th Annual Academy Awards: Charlize Theron in Custom Christian Dior

 Charlize Theron in Custom Christian Dior

The statuesque Theron is another Dior spokesperson so again, not a surprise she wore Custom Christian Dior. The silk gazar and organza gown featured a sweetheart neckline with clear shoulder straps giving a look of strapless when it really was not. The neckline was the perfect frame for that OUTRAGEOUS diamond necklace. The gown had many horizontal pleats/folds beginning at the knew and trailing out into a dramatic full bottom half.

It is a very dramatic gown but nothing spectacular I think. She does look beautiful as always. I just wish she would have taken much more of a Red Carpet Gown Risk.

Oh...and by the way, she was wearing 15 Million Dollars worth of Harry Winston Diamonds!!! 

What do you guys think of Charlize and this gown choice?