Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adventure Travel in San Diego | Experiential

Adventure in San Diego

Imagine gliding 150 feet above the cliffs of La Jolla and the Pacific Ocean strapped into a cocoon like seat as the winds carry you up and down the coast. Perhaps kayaking or diving in Sevengill Shark infested waters off the coast of La Jolla sounds intriguing.

Maybe you prefer what they call 'soft' adventure: a tour through wine country on horseback or biking up and down the streets of Pacific Beach.

If any of those activities sounded like a great way to spend your vacation then adventure travel is definitely for you.

What exactly is Adventure Travel?

A type of tourism, involving exploration with perceived risk and potentially requiring physical exertion. Adventure travel is any tourist activity that includes two of the three components:
1. A Physical Activity
2. A Cultural Exchange or Interaction
3. Engagement with Nature

What type of Adventure Traveler are you?

One of the fastest growing trends in the travel business is adventure tourism divided into three basic groups:
1. HARD ADVENTURE - taking a trip specifically to experience adventure and excitement and have included at least one of the following activities on these trips:
Ice Fishing from Whitehorse •rock climbing •mountain biking •dog sledding •white water rafting •hang gliding •bungee jumping •heli-skiing •scuba diving
2. SOFT ADVENTURE - taking a trip to include adventure and at least two of the following activities while on vacation:
•biking •motorcycling •kayaking or canoeing •motor boating •sailing •wind surfing •hiking/backpacking  •horseback riding •hot air ballooning •cross-county skiing •downhill skiing •snowboarding •snowmobiling or Brussels Tintin Walking Tour Including Hergé Museum
3. MAINSTREAM TRAVELER (Non-Adventure Traveler) - Taking a vacation for purposes of enjoying the city, sand, sun and each other.  Some activities during this time could include the following activities: •Attending local festivals/fairs •cruise •cultural activities •educational programs •getting to know locals •learning a new language •walking tours •visiting friends/family •visiting historical sites 

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Below Are Some Experiential Adventure Ideas:

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