Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Newsletter

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The Luxe Gen
Home, Personal & #ExperientialLuxuries
April 2014
Have you been kayaking
in La Jolla Cove?
Do you want to swim with
the Sevengill Sharks? 
Pirch™ #HomeLuxuries #LiveJoyfully
The premier provider in Kitchen, Bath and Outdoor Living!
Watch our #experiential video with Chef Maria making the best garlic bread ever..! (READ MORE)
Adventure Travel #ExperientialLuxuries #Viator
Imagine gliding 150 feet above the Pacific Ocean, along the cliffs of La Jolla, strapped into a cocoon like seat!
What type of adventure traveler are you? Hard, Soft or Mainstream..?
Men's Fashion #PersonalLuxuries #FloralPrints
Gentlemen: Are you fashionable enough? Does your style match your personality?
Peek inside and step your game up with some 2014 trends! Remember, you can never have enough haters!
Real Estate Agency Brand of 2014 #GoodToKnow
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, was named Real Estate Agency Brand of the Year according to a Harris Poll EquiTrend study.
BHHS received the highest ranking in the Real Estate Agency category based on consumers’ perception of its brand familiarity, quality and purchasing consideration. (READ MORE)
Do You Have An Experiential Marketing Budget For Your Brand?
What is #experiential marketing?
Experiential marketing is a technique that allows consumers to become active participants in a marketing effort.
Benefits of #experiential marketing?
We are able to reach grass-root levels where traditional marketing typically doesn’t touch.
We bridge the gap between consumer and your brand for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.
We provide quick feedback with resolutions based on consumer input and reaction.
We operate a strong "consumer recovery system” that reaches out to customers who were wronged and brings them back to your brand as loyals!
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