Friday, April 25, 2014

Casual, but not ordinary

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No heels, no fancy dress, no elegant tiny purse. But it's a short dress and I have bold colors and a casual statement necklace. As long as you have at least one great accessory, it completely takes your outfit out of the ordinary. 
You ladies know I am right. 
We sometimes say that we take a break from heels and wear flats instead, well, let me tell you that I am craving for anything else now, except those flat shoes that almost killed my feet. They were too tight. And of course when you first try them on and walk a few steps in the store, they feel perfectly fine. Yeah.. not these. Luckily I have other pairs I get along with very well. Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes I am not. That goes for every type of shoe out there, my feet are strange. 
And I am wearing a Zara necklace paired with a random dress found long ago in a thrift shop. Who says they don't match and who says you should wear brands from head to toe? I find that really ridiculous, for sure.

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Wearing: thrifted dress, bag and belt, no name shoes and sunglasses, Zara necklace, Only T shirt

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