Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Frenche Petallo is Hari ng Lapu-lapu 2014

Hari ng Lapu lapu is a local male pageant-cum-physical competition in search of the MODERN-DAY HERO: promoting TOURISM, CULTURE & ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS. Hari ng Lapu lapu is a person holding an admirable asset in face & physique. He has progressive opinions toward social issues in accord with earlier ideas. Most importantly, Hari ng Lapu lapu is a man of exceptional quality & strength, who wins admiration by ROLE, VIGOR and MORAL DEEDS especially deeds of courage.

This year’s Hari ng Lapu-lapu 2014 is Frenche Petallo. He was a contestant representing Surigao del Norte in Mister International Philippines 2013 last year where Gil Wagas emerged as winner. Here are some of his photos: