Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Rock a Bow Tie Like a BOSS

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Bow Tie Boss

Tips on how to make the Bow Tie work for you 

As the workplace gets more casual the necktie is taking a back seat. Looking to make a real fashion statement? Learn how to rock the bow tie like a runway model.

Tip #1 

Practice makes perfect, don't give up...just breathe and work through it, all of your hard work will pay off through compliments of how dapper you look!

Tip #2 

Watch a video to help get the concept down 

Tip #3 

Nervous about when to rock a bow tie? These events are a good start: 
  • Wedding or Formal Event 
  • Work 
  • Date Night 

Tip #4 

Start with a solid color before moving to prints and patterns 

Tip #5 

A bow tie can either be the perfect complement to an outfit or a distraction, so choose wisely. If you're already rocking a loud pattern, opt for more neutral neck wear. 

You may feel awkward at first but I promise every time Marc wears a bow tie the compliments pour in. So get over yourself and give it a try.

True story: it took me four Youtube videos and about 30 minutes of cussing in frustration for not being able to make the bow tie look perfect...don't let this challenge overcome your fashion statement! Get your lady to help....or not. This is my favorite video for making the magic happen:

I call Bullshit on the following statements:

  • They say that Wearing a bow tie should not require any strenuous effort (not true, your first time experiencing the complications of tieing one will not only be strenuous but frustrating!) in Juan Pablo voice "it's ok", just breathe! 
  • They also say Its precisely the same knot you use to tie your shoes (I have never tied my shoes in this fashion...but ok) 
  • A guy should not wear a bow tie if he cannot tie it himself (not true...what the heck is your woman for? I take credit and pride in being able to tie my mans Bow Tie!)  
Bow tie fashion rocks our world, the good news: with practice you too can rock this fashion statement.