Tuesday, April 8, 2014


GAP Sweater (on sale!) / Pink Scarf (on sale) /  Rag and Bone Jeans /  Perforated Slip on (under $70) / Rebecca Minkoff Bag (also loving this) / Pave Ring

The magic of an oversized scarf is it hides baby spit up, or the food you spill on your sweater as you try to multitask feeding yourself and your baby at the same time [yes both of these stains are hiding under my scarf- should I not be admitting that :) ]. My style has definitely become more casual post baby. These slip ons may now be the comfiest shoes I own - I'm going on three days in a row wearing them. It's such a change for me coming off a high heel obsession, but I've had to adjust to a more practical wardrobe. Below are a few more slip ons on my wish list:

Hope you all are having a great week!