Saturday, April 12, 2014

Master Bathroom Retreat

Whether you start your day with a "hello world" shower or end it in your smart hydro bathtub, the master bathroom isn't just for showering anymore. In Southern California it seems that a 2-to-1 bathroom-to-bedroom ratio is a new status symbol for the wealthy. Not only can an upgraded bathroom help sell a home but it can be a good investment for your very own spa holiday.


Getting away for a mind-clearing recharge is now happening in the comforts of our own homes. Lock the bathroom door and retreat! You don't have to feel guilty for being indulgent. Master bathrooms are now taking on a trend that rivals that of world class spas.

Pampering is encouraged when it comes to the simple pleasures in life. What are your favorite aspects of going for "spa day"? Find a way to incorporate those 'favorites' into your master bathroom. Simple pleasures like plush towels, candles and luxurious body lotions can go a long way.

My personal favorite are Lacoste towels from TJ Maxx or Marshalls. At $12.99 you can get them for the guest bathroom too!
The Luxe Gen Enjoys the Finer Things!

Bathrooms are becoming more like sanctuaries and they top the list of the most popular home upgrade in million dollar home remodels. Over the top luxury amenities creating an oasis for this space are not limited to but include: showers and tubs, technology and lighting, vanities and fixtures.
Entertainment Zone or Spa Retreat?

Today's technology brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'comfort zone' with luxury amenities from flat screens to your own mini bar equipped with a cooler. Go green with LEED certified energy efficient radiant heating elements made of recyclable materials for heated floors. Sit back, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Use exotic oils and steam to produce a therapeutic experience.

Kohler's line of Digital Thermostatic Valves (DTV) is pretty amazing, have you ever used one? 

This electronic system was developed with the help of wellness experts and is the ultimate experience in personalized hydrotherapy. Go for the upgrade and get a fully integrated, multi-sensory experience incorporating rejuvenating steam, music, and lights that move and change color. 

Sure televisions mounted in your mirror are grand. But do you see that fireplace in the shower! Talk about entertainment at its best in the bathroom. I never thought about having smores while in the shower but obviously anything is possible!

Vanities and fixtures play another huge role in the upgrade or remodel of the bathroom. Vanities are being designed to look like pieces of furniture. Isn't this golden Old-World furniture and fittings bathroom divine?!? 

Is updating your Master Bathroom a To-Do for 2014?  

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Source: via Team on Pinterest

Source: via Team on Pinterest