Monday, April 28, 2014

NICK APPEARANCES.....FIDM San Francisco Open House "Special Appearance", the BLOG PIC RECAP!

 Nick at FIDM SF Open House 2014---Nick Verreos with FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House attendees

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of flying to San Francisco to make a "Special Appearance" at the FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising San Francisco campus and their 2014 Open House. After moving from Caracas Venezuela during my adolescent years, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area--"The Peninsula", to be exact--and so, it's always a fun treat to come back to my old stompin' grounds of San Francisco!

FIDM San Francisco is located right in Union Square--a perfect location in the "nucleus" of SF Fashion!

Hello FIDM San Francisco: The FIDM Open House is an event that allows incoming students and anyone thinking of attending FIDM to tour the campus, check out the facilities, meet instructors and alumni, as well as get to know the "FIDM" environment. As a bonus of the Open House--and as the FIDM Official Spokesperson (and Alumn)--I did a "Special Appearance" and speech to the FIDM San Francisco Open House attendees.

A Packed House: Views of my "Nick Special Appearance" audience. Right when I walked in, I made sure to take a photo of everyone in attendance--FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House

Nick Lecture: During my "appearance", I spoke of  how I got to where I am--in terms of my career-- and how FIDM was my "trampoline". I also talked about many other things and gave my "Nick Advice" on how to succeed at FIDM and in the Fashion Industry--and beyond! was time for a Meet-and-Greet and Twitter, Facebook-and-Instagram Pics:

 Waiting In Line: Two views of the FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House "Nick Verreos Meet-and-Greet" line

 Open House Posing: Nick Verreos posing with some of the FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House attendees, waiting in line for the "Meet-and-Greet"

 Meet-and-Greet Pics: Nick Verreos posing for photos at the post-FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House "Special Appearance" Meet-and-Greet 

 Class of 20??: Nick Verreos with two of the CUTEST future FIDM San Francisco alumni

 Color Coordinated: Key Lime vs. Neon Green...Take your pick--Nick Verreos and FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House attendee 

 Stylish Attendees: Nick Verreos and a couple of FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House attendees

 Fashion--and FIDM--Fab: Nick Verreos and FIDM San Francisco 2014 Open House attendee

Stylish Post Open House: After my appearance, I had the chance to celebrate a very successful Open House at the Four Seasons San Francisco MKT Bar/Restaurant--with my "SF Fairy Godmother" Trudy Noren (third from right), College Representative and Special Events/FIDM, as well as Julie Ann Otteson (far left) FIDM Faculty and College Rep; Jennifer Nodora (second from left), College Rep; Michelle Prior-Alameda (second from right), College Rep; and Laurel Gardner (right), Admissions Advisor

THANKS for another WONDERFUL FIDM San Francisco Open House!!! XOXO