Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pageant Scandal: Mister Mindanao Versus Rizal Binatang Pinoy

Recently, I caught sight of a very intriguing photo of a Luzon-based male pageant that obviously copied the logo of another prestigious  Mindanao male pageant. Yes, I am talking about Rizal Binatang Pinoy 2014 copying the logo of Mister Mindanao.

The Rizal Binatang Pinoy is a male pageant for the pogi teens residing within the RIZAL province. In 2013, they published the list of their candidates in their facebook page Rizal’s Binatang Pinoy 2013 – and their logo looked like this:

In its 2014 edition, the pageant changed its logo this year – and it looks like this:

Wait, have you seen the Mindanao island in their logo??? 
Gosh, I can even see the tip of Tawitawi!

For comparison, here is also the logo of Mister Mindanao:

Is this not a sure evidence of copying???

I am open to both male pageants to tell their side.