Friday, April 11, 2014

Pijama shirts - or not?


 I received this blouse not long ago from Sheinside and this is not the first time I am wearing it, but it is the first time it appears on this blog. When I had to choose from a lot of other blouses I was reluctant at first because I am not one to have a passion for teeny-tiny prints such as these. Dots, flowers, hearts, stripes, whatever, not a fan, they made me think of pijamas. Instead if you show me huge beautiful prints (preferably in crazy colors) on..anything, then you win me forever. The fact is, I don't know exactly what made me choose this blouse, perhaps the color, this minty green I will always adore, and the bow on the neckline, so feminine and elegant, I have a thing for those. I am happy with it, this is one of those exceptions I gladly accept, ha! And I am quite stubborn.
Worn with neutral or pastel pieces and it fits perfectly. Red will do too, but not very bright ok?
And I got to wear my new shoes I adore so much! It was one of those wonderful days when you find something beautiful (like...from ASOS) in an outlet store at a price so ridiculously low that just simply screamed: "BUY US! YOUR FEET WILL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN IF YOU DON'T TAKE US HOME!" 
So yes, I suppose that would've been true.

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Wearing: Sheinside shirt, thrifted skirt, ASOS shoes, random brand bag.

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