Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#Pinterest 101: Business or Pleasure?

If this is the first time you are hearing about Pinterest...call me crazy but where have you been, living under a rock??

Its all the rave, not only for those stay at home moms who have hours on end (bahahaha) to sit and surf the internet, but for the tech savvy, social media friendly business owner!!

I am an avid "pinner" I started back when they first launched, so I've been on the site almost two years. I have a personal and business pinterest account and I have to tell you it is going to do wonders for Real Estate Agents who want the upper hand and put the time into advertising their listings in a unique way. I know you are probably thinking to yourself "I don't have time for that!" Well I'm here to tell you to make time!! It could mean a world of difference to your website traffic and sales!!

I have put together this little Pinterest 101 article to help those or perhaps urge those who have not set up an account yet, to do so. Not all social websites are for everyone...but this could be one of your marketing campaigns to test and see if it drives traffic for you that resulted in sale$$$.

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For those of you who are already on Pinterest this is old news for you, stay tuned for my Tips and Tricks article on how to use Pinterest to its fullest advantage that equal sales and money in your pocket!  IF this is your first time really looking into it, check out their home page to see verbatim what its all about!

The first step to Pinterest is to get an invite, you go their homepage and request one.

When you click on that little red button that says "Join Pinterest" you will be forwarded to this page:

Choose wisely how you want to set up your account, when I set up my account originally it was for "pleasure", but that view has slightly shifted after seeing personal results of an increase in business.
See the snapshot of my homepage:

The homepage is going to feature all of the pins that "you" pin and the pins of those that you "follow". Some people have the theory that the more people that they follow then the more exposure you get, however, I keep my following to a minimum because its hard enough to stay focused on pinterest as it it is, I personally don't need to be tracking down people to follow. That is up to you how many peeps you want to follow.

Here is a snapshot of my Board page:

This is like a "resume", everything that is you, you can feature your website, twitter account, location, your boards, pins, followers, following, and if you scroll down to the very bottom you can set up "SECRET" boards. The Secret board is a feature that was just added a few weeks ago, so I don't have any set up yet...any suggestions? Quick advice for setting up boards, be specific as possible, for example: instead of Real Estate how about San Diego Real Estate or Mira Mesa Real Estate, think of keywords that your "clients" would search for. Also, use the description to your advantage, include hash marks if you'd like.

I hope that this was helpful! Please share your Pinterest Successes and stay tuned for our next story on how to profit from your "Pin Board"! If you would like #TLG to help Boost Your Brand with #PINTEREST check out our Social Media Services in San Diego.

How are YOU using Pinterest for Business?