Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sophisticated thoughts

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 I am not one that looks elegant and proud even when a wonderful day turns into a crappy one. Although I try to be, I think it works better in my head than in reality. In any case, that image of a strong, sophisticated woman with an expression that says "I'm too good for you people and yet I accept you in my world" has always been haunting me. Perhaps I've seen too many old movies or have a huge collection of old Hollywood's glamorous actresses that have the exact same attitude I mentioned. Even so, I like to pay special attention to my outfits and dress up fancy, not just for the sake of special occasions. There are also days in which I don't give a single thought and just dress up in 5 minutes and that's about it. 
Speaking of the lack of spohistication, I am about to go thrifting and hopefully I will find some treasures. If not, I will be sad for the rest of day. 
Oh come on, I am not that superficial.

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Wearing: H&M skirt, Sheinside blouse, Deichmann shoes, vintage purse, Calvin Klein sunglasses

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