Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Health Benefits of Owning Beachfront Property

Could there really be health benefits to buying a Beach Home??

La Jolla Shores: Beachfront Lifestyle
Live Science writes Oceanside Living is good for your health. Researches have looked at the effects of moving near the coast and the results are in..

Not only does the seaside environment reduce stress and encourage physical activity but researchers say moving closer to the sea "significantly improves people's well-being".

These studies suggest ocean exposure could be a useful form of therapy and surfing might improve the well-being of troubled youngsters.

Other research shows that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain, lulling you into a relaxed state thus helping rejuvenate the mind and body. The components found in sea water and sea salt can help to heal wounds, reduce pain, improve skin condition and flush out toxins.

La Jolla California Hosts Some of the Most Beautiful Ocean View Properties in the World!

Mr. Crab

I'll never forget the weekend beach trips to La Jolla as a little girl, my favorite location at The Cove...

Racing my older brother barefoot down to the reef, long blonde hair streaming behind me in the wind..

Stick and string in hand with some cheese or hot dog, ready to catch some crabs. 

I would fill my bright yellow bucket with water and shovel in some sand with seaweed accessories. Name each crab as I dropped them into the bucket and cried when I was told to release them because they wouldn't survive if I took them home..

Sunsets in La Jolla
We still cherish those memories of days at the beach with our boys, where the happiest people on earth hang out. A place where the weather is always warm to enjoy the great outdoors. They too are able to observe and enjoy Mother Nature, so much better than sitting in the house glued to the latest Halo game on XBox.

How to Buy a Home With an Ocean View:


1. Decide to Buy
2. Hire me as your Real Estate Agent
3. Get Pre-qualified and secure your financing.
4. Decide which beach neighborhood fits your lifestyle
5. Take Private Tours of your favorite properties
6. Make offer, negotiate fair market value, get accepted and open escrow
7. Perform due diligence
8. Close on your home and move in.
9. Protect your investment by having a plan.

Whether you are looking to buy a beach home as your permanent residence or vacation home..I'm here to help! Text #AskT to 619-344-8300 to get your own GPS Home Search App!