Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Name Necklace


 I am sure most of you who watched "Sex and the City" know about the "Carrie necklace", the cute, delicate golden necklace she was so attached to. Ever since then, I always wanted a necklace with my name to wear it proudly, it would made me feel somehow unique, even though I am sure I share my name with others out there; but you don't see many wear necklaces like these the way you see Zara or H&M hanging around one's neck.
The lovely people over at One Necklace contacted me and were kind enough to send me such a necklace. I got this model, because ornaments are my thing, I got to choose the length and the type of chain also. I didn't choose my real name because I rarely use it and I thought Lola was a great choice because it's simple and I always sign my emails with it.
You can imagine my joy when I received it (quite fast acutally) and I opened the beautiful box it came in. Now I can scratch another item from my long whishlist, hooray!

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Also, you lovely readers can get a 10% discount on their website by using this coupon code: wonderfashion
Happy shopping!

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