Friday, April 18, 2014

Why San Diego is Often Called The Earthly Paradise

Did you Know??

One of the most popular children's writer of the early twentieth century was L. Frank Baum, creator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the Oz series. L. Frank Baum wrote about La Jolla in his earlier novels, describing it as an idyllic place with features of his fairylands. Fantasy and reality become entwined at resort areas in general, but especially in Southern California, which has often been called the earthly paradise. L. Frank Baum saw the beauty and mystery of La Jolla landscape as an American place that was halfway to Oz.

Today I am sharing with you our Adventure through Scripps Coastal Reserve Biodiversity Trail.
Scripps Coastal Reserve: A Self-Guided Ecological Tour
There are several pit stops along the circular path with plaques that go into details about the reserve and its habitat. This particular morning late September had clear skies with sunshine, perfect for some morning exercise and beautiful photos.

UC Natural Reserve System
Stay on the trail so as not to disturb the rattlesnakes!! 

Black's Canyon leading to Black's Beach
The trail leads out to the cliffs lining the pacific ocean. The sound of crashing waves, chirping birds and aerial views makes it easy to get lost in paradise. La Jolla Farms is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in San Diego and one of our absolute favorite. Described in the early 1900's as "The Jewel of the Sea", "The Jewel by the Sea" or "The Little City of Hearts Desire", La Jolla is exactly that! 

Large Estates Tucked off in the Bluffs of La Jolla
Access to Black's Beach, popular surf spot for locals
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View of La Jolla Cove off in the distance

Beautiful Cliff side with Ocean View
La Jolla, California
If you haven't been to the Scripps Coastal Reserve you must visit! Some of the most stunning views and relaxing moments can be enjoyed here. 

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