Friday, May 30, 2014


Last week we took a family trip with my Dad and Stepmom to California. It's one of our favorite places to take the kids. We have been taking them every year since they were about 2. When they were little they couldn't say San Diego so it's now known in our family as San-de-Lego :)

Hello Disneyland

Neons on Neons. These Nike's are my new favorite. 

This is 100% Wes fake smile can you tell? It cracks me up

We had every intention of staying until midnight but around 6 o'clock the meltdowns began and we were ready for a good meal and the pool. 

Beach ready
Swimsuit (white version) / Sunglasses (also love these) / Honest SPF

B's first day at the beach! We basically camped out under the umbrella most the day but he got to put his toes in and the kids built him a sand castle

Why are babies in sunglasses the cutest? 

Love this little family. A couple of you asked about Mara's maxi dress you an find it here

Probably one of my favorite pics. Love this little dudes cuddles. 

Have a great weekend!

PS. ILY Couture's running their sample sale right now. You can get some of their pieces starting at a $1.