Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My gifts to myself


 Told you I had to brag about what I got for my birthday. 
First things first: heels! Slim and chunky, I love them both. I already wore the navy sandals but the black ones, oh boy, I can't wait!
 Both from Stradivarius.


This very lovely dress I found while thrifting, I love the print, the volume and the length! 
Perfect for Summer.


These very cute flats I am eager to wear as soon as they loosen up a bit. 
Bought from HERE 


Finally I found a simple but lovely black dress at H&M made from a very nice fabric that isn't chiffon. It can be worn both in the daylight and for cocktail events.
It's about two size bigger but that isn't something I can't fix. This way, the length is longer, which is perfect for me!
 And it was the only one left in store. 



Aaaaaand how cute is this vintage purse? I fell in love with it and the very cool color. This photo just doesn't do it any justice.

That's about it (for now).
Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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