Friday, May 23, 2014

Starting Sunday: 30% Off Site-Wide at J.Crew {and check your catalogs!}

A big "thanks!" to wellfedfred (in this post), who let us know the following:
PSA - read this on Madison Avenue Spy: Starting Sunday, J. Crew will offer 30% off site wide using the code WEEKEND. The two-day discount is also available in stores. Some restrictions apply but there aren't many.
One word on this upcoming promotion: Awesomesauce.

It is a little weird that J.Crew would be holding out this promotion for Sunday, but I am excited about it nonetheless. :)

On a different note, "thanks!" to meggs (in this post), who let us know the following:
Just received the newest style guide and there is a promo code for $50 off purchases $150 or more. This offer is good through June 8th.'s a bright orange cover with the code on the back by the address label. 
That is an amazing offer!!! So make sure you double check your catalog to see if you have a unique code/offer too.