Monday, May 5, 2014

The almost perfect pants


 Let's start the week in force shall we? Yeah..right, I know the feeling. 
But at least wear something that can cheer you up and give you will to make it through this day, like a statement piece - and not necessarilly jewelry. For example, I finally got to wear my new favorite pair of pants I got from Zara and I felt so proud and out of the ordinary in them. The only thing that doesn't make me scream with excitement is the waist line. It would've killed them to make it higher, like it should be. Oh well.. 
You know, I recently started to develop a crush with this type of pants with a fine cut, interesting prints (or plain), made from other type of fabric than denim! I am once again in a "I-hate-jeans" mood and willing to burn them all. Not to worry, that will never happen, let's just say that I will hang them in my closet for a while. Also, I feel more and more attracted to this navy color I never eally payed attention to in the past. I already have two pair of pants in this color and the sandals I am wearing (which were part of my own gift for my birthday) and I am thinking of adding more items in my wardrobe in this color. 
Mmmm..maybe a maxi dress - no, it's no use trying to find something I am thinking about in stores, because that won't happen any time soon, don't you agree? Usually when you want something the most, it's like it hasn't invented yet.

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Have a great start of the week guys! 

 Wearing: Zara pants and blouse, Stradivarius shoes, borrowed bag, H&M rings.

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