Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Future of Ginoong Filipinas

Some of the winners on pageant night

Ginoong Filipinas (GF) is the longest male pageant in the country. Perhaps, it is also one of the longest male pageant in the world, having started in 1990 and successfully staged it year after year. In its humble beginnings, some of its winners were sent to international pageants. Today, things have changed. I got the impression that Ginoong Filipinas today is staged primarily for the gay community to feast young hunks, and I really mean that. GF capitalizes on good-looking young men who are ready to lower their undies a bit to give their viewers a preview of their pubic hairs.

This is a major turn off for a male pageant to be called prestigious. On the contrary, it gives a very strong signal that it is of low-class. 

Fitting for the Barong Tagalog

Last year’s winner was a nurse. This is perhaps one of the major saving factors of Ginoong Pilipinas. It has to select winners who are empowered in the society. But as long as the founder Dr. Lito dela Merced, who is also “Lucas Mercado” (director of gay indie movies), listens and sides with marketing his pageant primarily for the gay community, then it will forever be criticized.

But, oh, Ginoong Filipinas is here to stay.

John Earl Agbunag, Ginoong Filipinas 2014