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1 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Dark Brunette Ombre Via Maja Wyh photo 1-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Dark-Brunette-Ombre-Via-Maja-Wyh.jpg
2 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Wavy Blonde Highlights Johnny Ramirez Via Box No 216 photo 2-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Wavy-Blonde-Highlights-Johnny-Ramirez-Via-Box-No-216.jpg
3 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Subtle Highlights Via Negin Mirsalehi photo 3-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Subtle-Highlights-Via-Negin-Mirsalehi.jpg
Photos via: Maja Wyh | Box No. 216 | Negin Mirsalehi

Long hair, don't care! How great are these long hairstyles?

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4 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Ombre Ashley Glorioso Via Purse N Boots photo 4-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Ombre-Ashley-Glorioso-Via-Purse-N-Boots.jpg
5 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Lauren Conrad Ponytail Via Oh No They Didn't photo 5-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Lauren-Conrad-Ponytail-Via-Oh-No-They-Didnt.jpg
6 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Model Tao Okamoto Via V Magazine photo 6-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Model-Tao-Okamoto-Via-V-Magazine.jpg
7 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Wavy Half Up Twist Clips Via Hello Darlings photo 7-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Wavy-Half-Up-Twist-Clips-Via-Hello-Darlings.jpg
8 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Straight Bangs Via Kayture photo 8-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Straight-Bangs-Via-Kayture.jpg
9 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Low Ponytail Tibi Via Glamour photo 9-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Low-Ponytail-Tibi-Via-Glamour.jpg
10 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Straight Via Robyn Walker photo 10-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Straight-Via-Robyn-Walker.jpg
11 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Model Diana Moldovan Via Livin Cool photo 11-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Model-Diana-Moldovan-Via-Livin-Cool.jpg
12 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Jessie Chanes Via Fashion Indie photo 12-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Jessie-Chanes-Via-Fashion-Indie.jpg
13 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Rihanna Side Buzz Cut Loose Curls photo 13-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Rihanna-Side-Buzz-Cut-Loose-Curls.jpg
14 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Redhead Braid Via The Wonder Forest photo 14-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Redhead-Braid-Via-The-Wonder-Forest.jpg
15 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Valeria Sokolova Via Avant Models photo 15-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Valeria-Sokolova-Via-Avant-Models.jpg
16 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles High Ponytail Via Paola Villanueva photo 16-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-High-Ponytail-Via-Paola-Villanueva.jpg
17 Le Fashion Blog 17 Inspiring Long Hairstyles Subtle Ombre Via JustBreathe432 Tumblr photo 17-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Subtle-Ombre-Via-JustBreathe432-Tumblr.jpg

Photos via: Purse n' Boots | ONTD | V Mag | Hello Darlings | Kayture | Glamour | Robyn Walker | Livin Cool | Fashion Indie | tlfan | The Wonder Forest | Avant Models | Paola Villanueva | justbreather432

J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs!}

This is the weekly "J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs}" post, to help each other share our reviews.

So if you have recently purchased, or stopped by a J.Crew store to try on an item (or two) from J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Also, this request is not just limited to clothes. Please feel free to discuss bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

In particular, if you could mention a few of the noteworthy details like fit, size, fabric, and the like— that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! :)

J.Crew and the Zip Code Lawsuit

J.Crew recently had a lawsuit brought against them. The following is from the Washington Examiner (click here to read in its entirety) which talks more about it:
J.Crew settles ZIP code class action, providing vouchers
Legal Newsline Staff Writer
June 30, 2014

A settlement has been preliminarily approved in a lawsuit against J.Crew for allegedly unlawfully collecting customers’ ZIP codes during credit card purchases and using the information to send unsolicited marketing materials.

The settlement was preliminarily approved on June 27 and will provide $20 vouchers to class members who submit a valid and timely claim.

Class representatives Lauren Miller and Leah Crohn will each receive an incentive award of $3,000 in recognition of the amount of time and effort they spent as the class representatives, according to the settlement. Class counsel will also receive attorneys’ fees in the amount of $135,000.

On June 20, 2013, Miller filed the class action complaint against J.Crew alleging the company violated Massachusetts general laws through its collection of ZIP codes from its customers when they made purchases using credit cards at J.Crew’s retail stores in Massachusetts.

J.Crew employees did not ask customers for their ZIP codes because credit card companies required them to do so, nor for verification purposes, but to identify that customer’s address using commercially available databases, according to the settlement documents. The plaintiffs claimed J.Crew used their addresses for intrusive marketing purposes.

The plaintiff brought the action for redress of the unlawful practice of J.Crew of collecting ZIP codes at checkout at its Massachusetts stores from customers who make purchases with credit cards, recording that information as part of the credit card transaction and then using that information for its own marketing and promotional purposes, including to send unsolicited marketing and promotional materials, or “junk mail.” ...
I have been asked many times at J.Crew for my zip code (as well as my email address). I always assumed it was to (a) get a better idea of where (in terms of location) customers were coming from and (b) understand which customers are the big shoppers at stores.

I actually don't mind that J.Crew used that information for marketing purposes. (As long as they are not selling that information to a third party). Especially since I would like to get the good stuff, like all those gifts they send out. (Which I never do!) ;)

However, I can totally understand how other customers would be upset. Especially those who shop infrequently at the store. It just seems foolish for J.Crew to not use some disclaimer upfront stating the purpose of the zip code request.

Lastly, I am curious what kind of "intrusive marketing purposes" the article is referring to. (I know many JCAs who actually sign up to receive J.Crew's catalogs / emails and don't get any.)

What are your thoughts on this lawsuit? Does your local J.Crew store ask for zip codes?

Textiles of Rajasthan for Traditional Rajasthani Costumes

Textiles of Rajasthan are beautiful ornamented with exceptional colors and designs. The history of art of textiles employs fibers such as silk, wool, and cotton to make beautiful textures and designs.

In Rajasthan the trend of royal dress is very prominent. Master craftsmen design the luxury fabrics. The outstanding variety of traditional textiles includes both style and technique. It has foundation for design, pattern and innovation, hence shaping the aesthetics of the particular region developing cultural and social values of its inhabitants. Textiles of Rajasthani are handmade commonly used for attire. Skills of craftsmen manufacture artistic Rajasthani textiles that are collected and admired not only in India but throughout the world. 

Rajasthani textiles are specialized in producing outstanding fabric. The region is also popular for stunning tie and dye work, known as bandhni. Bandhni is famous for colorful saffas and odhnis. Local textiles have formulated a stunning color range and mastered in the light color designing. This happens simply by dyeing parts of the fabric in the specific color. Then tying process is done gently. The cloth is completely bleached and its ties parts that hold colors stiffly.

The background color is commonly dyed and bandhni has dark colored doted way on the light background. Married women wear red chunari as a veil to cover their face. A beautiful design is dyed in a specific pattern in superior artwork that shows the superiority of Rajasthan.  Skilled artisans are involved in the process of bandhni creation. Tie and dye costumes are exported fabrics that carry the inheritance of Rajasthan.

Various techniques are used for making textiles unique and attractive. Shikari, Lahariya, Ekdali and Mothda are some famous ways among all types of bandhni representing specific nature and look. Mothra and Lahariya have similar designs. Lahariya comprises long lines in different shapes that run diagonally through the complete cloth, while Mothra demonstrates a beautiful checked reflection with reverse diagonals. Animal and human shapes show cast cleanly in the vibrant colors which are the uniqueness of Shikari bandhni. Small squares and circles in various shades and cluster of 3, 4 and 7 dots that make it more elegant. Jodhpur and Sikar are preferable destinations for outstanding textile works. On the other hand, Nathdwada, Jaipur, Pali, Barmer, Nathdwada and Udaipur are on the verge of attending in the list of big names in the textile markets.

Rajasthan is the center of attraction of hand-block printing. Extraordinary combinations of purple, scarlet, pink, parrot green, turquoise, orange, crimson and saffron, merged with touches of silver and golf steal. Textiles of Rajasthan show the actual interior of block printing. Maximum textile work is by hand. Block printing art of dyeing and printing is related to home fabric and furnishing for individual wear. Major block printings in Rajasthan are in Bagru and Sanganer. The technique of hand block printing consists of artisan for top level carved wooden blocks in a number of colors. Then they are pasted on the fabric beautifying on the cloth. Delicate floral designs and prints are created in vegetable color which is a specialty of block printing in Rajasthan. Excessive gold printing and Khari art is broadly adopted in Rajasthan. Because of this the traditional type of block printing has become more fashionable and appealing in this part of the world.

Textiles of Rajasthan in an exciting range of block-printed and dyed fabric that is beautiful decked with popular and traditional embroidery. Rajasthani women are familiar with the art and designing of embroidering fabrics. Various cloth pieces are sewed in patched way altogether to create a good looking multi-colored mosaic. The combination of striking colors, patterns and shapes are used in backgrounds to make them exclusive in textile works. Mirror work is very popular in Rajasthan which is inspired from the bordering Indian state – Gujarat. Women’s costumes are filled with small mirror works that look astonishing.

Rajasthani textiles are mainly available during festivals and fairs. Mostly textiles are sold in Janmashtami Fair, Pushkar Fair, Ramdeoji Fair, Nakki Lake Fair, Baneshwar Fair and in festivals like Gangaur and Teej. Travelers consider buying beautiful Rajasthani textiles as a part of their memory. Rajasthani soil is known of vibrant colors, they reflect in its people’s life, found in festivals, fairs, bazaars, and can also be seen in traditional men and women’s costumes. Textiles of Rajasthan show the high-quality hue in clothing.

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Look of the Day: Boho Vibes

fashion_blog_ukraine_bohemian_look_outfit_kimonofashion_blog_ukraine_bohemian_look_outfit_denim_shortsfashion_blog_ukraine_bohemian_look_outfit_kimono_boho_style_streetfashion_blog_ukraine_bohemian_look_outfit_kimono_personal_style_bloggerfashion_blog_ukraine_bohemian_look_outfit_kimono_denim fashion_blog_ukraine_bohemian_outfit_kimono_look_of_the_dayhow_to_wear_bohemian_style_kimono_with_denim_shortsfashion_blog_ukraine_bohemian_jewelry_outfithow_to_style_a_kimono

I keep finding awesome pieces in my closet like this delicate kimono shirt that I bought on sale last year and completely forgot about. I recently received a set of gorgeous boho-inspired necklaces so it was only appropriate to incorporate them in a total boho look that I sported a couple days ago. You won't see me often dressed like this but maybe this summer I'll give this style a go. Tell me what you guys think!

I'm wearing:

Kimono - H&M (similar one here, lots of awesome options here, here and here)
Cropped top - Sheinside
Denim shorts - Topshop (similar ones here, here and here)
Boots - Zara (similar ones here, here and here)
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklaces - ByInviteOnly
Sunnies - Asos


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NICK APPEARANCES FIDM.....Nick Verreos Appearance at FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion" Recap!

Nick Verreos--holds up a FIDM t-shirt to be won at the FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion"

Continuing with my FIDM 2014 "3 Days of Fashion" (a FIDM "Summer Fashion Camp" where High School students get to enjoy draping, sketching, shopping + much, much more!) blogs--last Wednesday I began my appearances at FIDM Orange County and now, I was off to San Francisco!!! Last Thursday, I flew to one of my favorite cities in the USA (and the world!), to make a "Special Appearance" at the FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising San Francisco campus.

Nick Verreos--FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion"

It's always a treat to fly up North from LA to SF since A) I grew up in the Bay Area and, B) I just LOVE the FIDM San Francisco campus and everyone who works there.

Chic Mobile: On my departing Virgin America flight off to SF, I took a photo of my airplane (I'm an airplane aficionado, don't judge!), and didn't realize until I focused on my photo, that the aircraft I was flying on was named "Chic Mobile". Seems very appropriate for me to be flying on this airplane :) I love a "Chic Mobile"!

Arriving into SF:

Here's the token San Francisco Cable Car pic (of course!). The weather in San Francisco was wonderful, clear and had that "natural air-conditioning" --not too warm and not too cool.

Monaco Classy: As always when I am in San Francisco, I stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco on Geary Street. My room was colorfully appointed as always, and the staff had a surprise once I returned to my room after my event: a bottle of red wine and chocolate bonbon's and a "Thank You for staying with us" card from the manager. Hashtag Classy. Did I mention I LOVE Hotel Monaco?? If not, I just did.

My Event:

Arriving: Nick Verreos arriving at the FIDM San Francisco campus for the 2014 Summer Program "3 Days of Fashion" Special Appearance--the FIDM SF campus is located right in the heart of SF's Union Square--a shopping, fashion and style mecca.

Say FIDM! There were 150+ attendees at this final day of FIDM San Fracsico's 2014 "3 Days of Fashion" and I was happy to take photos with them--FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion"

Show Time: As part of my appearance, host/emcee/FIDM 3 Days of Fashion Hottie McHottie Nate Duncan moderated the day, asking me questions about my "Road to Fashion", why I attended FIDM, how I got the most out of FIDM, as well as helped me introduce my NIKOLAKI Collection designs that I brought with me as part of a special "FIDM San Francisco 3 Days of Fashion" runway show...

San Francisco-based Model Rachael Sitz wearing NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul Spring 2015 grape-colored sequined cocktail dress with one-shoulder strap and "sarong"-draped and asymmetrical style--FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion"

NIKOLAKI Fab--Model Rachael Sitz in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul dresses--the sequined grape-colored cocktail dress and one-shouldered silk jersey-and-leather draped gown--FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion"

Post-Appearance & Fashion Show Meet-and-Greet:

Waiting For Nick: Meet-and-Greet line at FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion" Nick Verreos Special Appearance

FIDM Tote Bag Winners: Nick Verreos with the FIDM Autographed Tote Bag Winners from FIDM San Francisco 2013 "3 Days of Fashion"

Meet-and-Greet Pics: Photo compilation from my post-Appearance Meet-and-Greet--FIDM San Francisco 2014 "3 Days of Fashion"


"FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion Team" Xmas Card: (L to R): Blaney Barr. Suzi Wehner, Nick Verreos, Julie Ann Otteson and Trudy Noren--MKT Restaurant and Bar, Four Seasons San Francisco

Cocktail Hour: After the fabulous FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion", Trudy Noren (far right, photo above)--the "FIDM 3 Days of Fashion" Momma Bear (she's hardly a bear, at size ZERO!)--organized a wonderful End-of-3 Days-of-Fashion "Cocktail Hour" at the Four Seasons' MKT Bar & Restaurant. MKT's manager--who just happened from Venezuela (where I was raised), recognized me and is a big "Project Runway/Under The Gunn" fan...and she was kind enough to send Champagne to our "FIDM 3 Days of Fashion table". Muchisimas Gracias MKT!

SF Pride: I was sad to leave San Francisco to go back home to Los Angeles after such a wonderful time. The San Francisco Pride Weekend was just beginning coincidentally so I was especially sad that I could not partake in any of those celebrations...maybe next time!

I had a BLAST with EVERYONE at FIDM San Francisco and especially my "3 Days of Fashion" gals! See ya next time!!! XOXO