Monday, June 23, 2014

Casual dress up


 You know what's the best part of taking photos on an almost rainy Sunday afternoon downtown? The fact that there aren't too many people around to bother you! You know those moments when you decide to take photos in open places and afterwards you find a weirdo waving hands in the background of your picture or something similar. But not this time! 
 I decided to take out one of my very silky maxi dresses I was so eager to wear, and because it was a bit chilly I paired with my denim jacket for a more casual look. I could've gone with a cute little blazer too, but I felt the accessories were enough to cover that "elegant" part of the outfit. 
And elegant as we were, we went at our favorite restaurant and ate huge portions of food plus dessert! You can imagine the way we complained about how huge we felt with our stomach over full!

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Wearing: Zara jacket and dress, Stradivarius shoes, gifted earrings, H&M bracelets, vintage bag.