Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meet me at the playground

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 Surprise, surprise! A fairy came over night and blessed me with super long hair and boy, was I amazed! Joke aside, these pretty long locks are actually hair extensions and this is my first time trying them on. At first, I wanted to wear them straight, but I realised that my hair is too short and cut too straight, so the hair extensions didn't blend in that well, so I thought curling them is the best option for me. 
I was so surprised after I put them on, I had long hair before, but not this long and never with so much volume!

  im9 3zss

My hair extensions are from Irresistible Me, they have two lines, the Silky Touch, which are more budget friendly and the Royal Remy that are designed to last longer because of the silicone oil that protects them from heat or styling products. Mine are Royal Remy, in color Light Red, they are 18 inches and 200 grams. The best thing about this brand is that you can customize the length and weight which is quite cool and of course they are made from natural human hair and believe me when I say they are super silky and wonderful to wear and style!
They come in ten pieces which is more than enough to cover your head and create volume and I didn't even felt it was necessary to wear them all, so I left behind about two or three wefts.

  im9im9 7 im9 9

And here are some pictures with my curled hair without the extensions

im9 6 im9 5 im9 4 im9 2

Quite the difference right?
The color is an almost match, I really don't mind that they are a slightly different shade of red towards the ends, I think it makes them look quite interesting.
I personally love them and can't wait to wear them again!

Wearing: Sheinside skirt and blouse, thrifted belt, shoes from HERE  and handmade ring

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