Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My "Let it Go" List {what's yours?}

Handknit marled sweater (item 07856; $129.99)

In the last few posts, many of us discussed how we are surprised at J.Crew's reluctance to reduce prices on certain pieces that are lingering in the sale section.

I thought it might be fun to have a post about our "Let it Go" list (I dare you to try not singing the song from "Frozen"). This is a list of items that (1) we are tired of seeing in the sale section and (2) we hope that J.Crew will offer kill prices to put them out of their misery.

The following items are the ones that made it to my "Let it Go" list....

 Jeweled Fair Isle stripe sweater (item 07873; $119.99)

Fair isle leggings (item 08407: $69.99)

MacAlister wedge boots (item 28671; $89.99)

Meander pant (item 47328; $59.99)

Pajama pant in navy plaid flannel (item 06756; $39.99)

Robe in bright cerise plaid flannel (item 06754; $59.99)

Silk metallic tunic (item 07031; $59.99)

Skier sweater (item 09136; $79.99)

Sperry Top-Sider® for J.Crew leather shearwater boots (item 07511; $119.99)

Stained glass jacquard opera gloves (item 08001; $99.99)

Tiered dress in blurred floral (item A1380; $79.99)

Zigzag stripe scarf (item 07466; $39.99)

Which items from J.Crew's sale section are you tired of seeing? Which pieces would make it to your "Let it Go" list? Did you end up singing the song from "Frozen", be honest!