Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thank You Mister Tourism International Philippines!

Thank you Erwin Mateo Trinidad for making us proud!
Top 9 (Semifinalist)
Best in Fashion Style Awardee
in Mr. Tourism International 2014
This is a good sign as we start our entry in the
world of male pageantry this year!

Mister Tourism International 2014 Results:

Mr. Tourism International 2014: Brasil (Andrio Frazon)
1st runner-up: Spain (Jorge López)
2nd runner-up: Venezuela (Hernán Jesús González)
3rd runner-up: Dominican Republic (José Emilio Báez)
4th runner-up: Panama (Adrián Arturo Pérez)

Rest of the Top 9
Puerto Rico (Christian Torres)
Philippines (Erwin Trinidad)
Belgium (Mitch Vanvaerenbergh)
USA (Jensen Rios)

Best National Costume - Panama
Most Handsome Body - Dominican Republic
Best International Model - Dominican Republic
Best International Look - Panama
Mr Personality - Brasil
Mr Runway - Venezuela
Best Fashion Style - Philippines
Mr Photogenic - Belgium
Mr Johnny Cotton - Panama
Mr TechnoSport - Dominican Republic