Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Tips: How To Create the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

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Why is the Facebook Cover Photo So Important?

Your Facebook Cover photo is your 'First Impression' to someone visiting your business page, its the largest piece of Real Estate in your whole profile. Slapping up a picture of your dog or favorite San Diego landmark may not be giving the right impression. Finding it difficult to hire a specialist to design your cover photo? Follow these 5 simple steps to Do-It-Yourself. 

Before beginning this task ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How can my cover photo give users a sense of what it is I am selling
  2. How can I make a visual point that will draw users to my brand (think unique, what separates me from my competition?)

5 SIMPLE STEPS to Improve my Facebook Business Page Cover Photo

1. Size your photo properly - 851 pixels X 315 pixels

This might sound simple...but for someone not familiar with Photoshop or photo editing...not so much...(here is where you throw in the towel and contact us for our SUMMER SALE on Social Media Services)

Currently the proper size for your Facebook Business Page Cover Photo is 851px by 315px - Facebook likes to mix things up every once in awhile so Google it right before you start your project to make sure the dimensions above are still appropriate. 

2. Don't Hide Content Behind Your Profile Picture

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 3. Center or Right Align Your Objects in your Cover Photo

The cover photos display differently depending on what type of device your fans are using. An Ipad is going to display differently than your home monitor screen. Centering or Right Aligning your objects will keep from text or photos from being cut off.

4. Include a Call to Action in your Cover Photo

There are several different ways you can do this, to name a few: You can promote a webinar, ebook, free download, contest, giveaway, etc. Still not sure...google it, there are all kinds of resources for call to action verbiage and how to get the best results for your specific target market.

5. Use Hashtags #

You are well on your way to the perfect Facebook Cover Photo. If you found these tips helpful please share them with your friends. If you felt it all a  little overwhelming and would rather just pay someone to do it for you then check out our Social Media Marketing Summer Sale.

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