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Seek & Find: Will you visit J.Crew this Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopping by a J.Crew store this weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the SALE, or to see some NEW ARRIVALS {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)

P.S. I noticed that many of you have already been reporting sale items (and in which stores) in other posts which by the way "thank you!" :) I really appreciate how helpful we are for each other!

Reactions To Episode 2

There were some very creative takes on tonight's unconventional materials challenge and some that weren't so. What did you think of the challenge and results? Post your reactions to episode 2 here.

BPR Live Party: Episode 2

It's off to the movies tonight for the designers as they face the first unconventional materials challenge of the season. These are the challenges that tend to bring out the best and worst in the competition and we will be here to watch it all go down. All are welcome to the BPR party, click the comment tab to come in!

Note: If you do not see the comment tab below, click on the title of the post and the comments should appear.


Le Fashion Blog -- Kick Back & Relax -- Birkenstock Sandals -- Floral Pedicure -- Nail Art -- Via Grazia France photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Kick-Back-Relax-Birkenstock-Sandals-Floral-Pedicure-Nail-Art-Via-Grazia-France.jpg
Photo via: Grazia France

Came across this shot and now all I want to do is kick back and relax with a cute pedicure and some Birkenstocks. All I need is the weekend and a dreamy ocean view!

Get the look:

Fashion in India

India has many ancient costume designs and traditions with a developing fashion industry. Indian fashion is popular throughout the world because of its unique styles, designs, innovations and a lot more. Change in trend is the demand of today’s world that happens in fashion industry as well. The demand of Indian costumes is also increasing globally and in many western countries people love to wear Indian outfits.

Fashion is a language of symbols, indications and representations. Fashion comprises pierced navel, tattoos, new hairstyles, fashionable clothes and many more. Different things can be done to make a new fashion. Latest trends also change from time to time. Indian fashion designers also design trendy attires.

What is Fashion?

Fashion word is derived from Latin terms “to make”. It consists of toys, interior architecture, clothing and models. In other words, fashion means enjoyment, a living pattern and spirit. In fashion a person gets involved in snug and becomes comfortable with his/her style. It is a method of evaluating a mood which is helpful in several ways like socially, psychologically and culturally. 

For centuries people have been using cloths to drape themselves to show their class, occupation, rank, wealth, gender and locality. Fashion not just comprises costumes, but other stuffs as well like jewellery, hairstyles, bags, body arts, beautify products, shoes, etc. As per individual’s taste the person can choose specific product.

Fashion not only embraces clothing, but also hairstyles, body art, shoes, bags, jewellery and beauty products all constitute today`s fashion trends. Fashion in all its forms from a tattooed and pierced navel, to the newest hairstyle, is the best form of iconography we have to express individual identity. As far as clothes are concerned, fashion is based on fabric, colour and cuts.

Everyone comes across with fashion related things on a daily basis. Change is something that happens in fashion world on a regular basis. If any popular actor wears anything, it comes in tread very quickly. Collections in Milan, London, New York and Paris are commonly set in advance. Fashion designers also get new ideas from books, music, television, videos, movies and other interesting things happening around them.

Indian fashion designers are also very talented and made India proud to their nation. Some of them include Ashish Soni, Ritu Kumar, JJ Vallaya, Suneet Varma, Neeta Lulla and Shantanu Goenka. If any popular personality or celebrity adorns any dress, hairstyle, jewellery, or any other fashionable thing, it comes in limelight. Their fan followers start adopting that style and it comes in trend. Bollywood has a big impact in Indian fashion industry. Popular starts like Salman Khan, ShahRukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have so many fan followers. Whatsoever they wear becomes a fashion trend.

Many innovations are also done with traditional costumes of India. New concepts are accepted by customers as well and they buy unique and exclusive outfits. The real charm of Indian fashion market lies in its traditional ornaments, costumes and other stuff. Old fashion always returns and it can be seen in India as well.

History of Indian Fashion Industry 

History of Indian clothing belongs to an earlier time. However, fashion industry is almost new and it comprises Indian traditional costumes with variations in regional clothing such as dhoti, sari, sari, suit salwar and others. Indian fashion industry was established by getting inspired from the western fashion industries. Fashion includes a wide range of adornments, costumes, hair styles, bags, accessories, dressing and a lot more. Embroidery and sewing of different thread practices and others come into fashion.

A combination of western culture and Indian tradition can be seen in different types of fashionable costumes, pants, shirts, skirts and others. Though fashion designers of India have inspired from the fashion industries of western countries, they also remember the end consumers who are going to adorn these accessories. So they remember to give a local touch to the western outfits to make them comfy for Indians.

To give a big boost to Indian textile industry, the well-known fashion designer Ritu Kumar started textile print work that helped hand block printing methods of Bengal. This also becomes a part of fashion industry. Ritu started her first and foremost boutique in the capital of India, Delhi in 1966. Zardozi embroidery was shown by her in garments in 1973 that was originated during Mughal era. Rival of the embroidery art got significant praise in Indian society. It becomes widely used for Indian wedding costumes and one of the leading fashion exporting products.

Mumbai and Delhi are the main fashion cities for manufacturing unique and exclusive fashionable accessories. Some other fashion cities of Indian include Bangalore or Bengaluru, Kolkata and Lucknow.

Poll Results - Project Runway Season 13, Episode 1

You disagreed with the judges this week and felt that Char Glover should have won the challenge.

You also disagreed with the judges on the auf.  You selected The Mitchell Perry for elimination.  Check in tomorrow for the new poll and thank you for voting!

backless in old town


Although I love this dress to death it's hilarious to see how people react to it. Because the back straps are so tiny and my hair kinda covers them, people behind would constantly catch up with me to make sure I'm not topless. You should have seen the relief in their eyes! xDD

Can't wait to repeat this experiment while it's still hot outside :)

I'm wearing:

Dress  - Sheinside
Sliders - Choies (on a huge sale!)
Jewelry - Asos and H&M
Necklace - ByInviteOnly


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New Arrivals at Madewell (over 200 new styles!)

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Cobalt (in this post), who let us know about the following...

Madewell had an update to its website this Tuesday (click here to view online) with over 200 new arrivals!

The latest roll out has 'up the ante' on the Transport Tote. Madewell is now offering more variations including Cabernet, Black, and Paintstripe. There is even a Zip Transport Tote! I own a Transport Tote and I love the simplicity in style. Plus, it holds a lot without looking awful. Highly recommend.

To be honest, I have been buying more and more from Madewell lately. They are my number one stop for jeans (love the skinny skinny in nightfall!) They really put J.Crew's versions to shame too. I also love that all denim is "risk free" (returnable, even if on sale).

I also think they have great accessories, like the sunglass cases. They are the perfect size to carry around. Plus, it comes in the most adorable patterns!

Lastly, Madewell is offering free economy shipping on all orders. No code is necessary for free shipping, as the promotion is automatically applied at checkout.

Will you be checking out the latest arrivals? Are you planning to stop by either store over the weekend?

J.Crew Sale: 200 Brand New Styles

"Thanks!" to many of you, who let us know the following news.

J.Crew sent out an email yesterday letting us know that 200 new styles were added to the sale section (click here to shop online). Yey! Great timing to use with the the additional 40% off all sale items with promo code TREAT. This code expires August 3, 2014.

"Thanks!" to Unknown (in this post) who shared the following news with us:
JCA'S I just spoke with a SA in Seattle. She told me all old merchandise will be pulled form the floor after closing on Sat. Aug. 2......said they all will be in full fall mode after Sat. ....I guess the sale online section will be 1800 items by next week.....
It makes sense that brick and mortar (B&M) stores would want to clear out their sale sections to make room for all the Fall merchandise. However, the sale section online is still rather full. J.Crew has proven to resist using kill prices on pieces that are lingering (aka "let it go" items!) I am wondering if they will just send it all to their warehouse/ clearance centers instead...

Did you check out the Sale section? Were you able to snag any amazing deals? If so, please share! :)

P.S. Apologies for not posting this sooner. My DH spilled soda all over his laptop (effectively killing it) and so we have been sharing mine in the meantime. ;)

Ancient Clothing of India

Indian costumes during ancient times have been extensively talked about in a number of literary works. The culture and diverse religions also played a big role in ancient Indian attires. Sources of literature show that in old times people were very concerned about their clothing in India. They used to pick unique garments made of quality materials. This states that how much they were choosy about their clothing selection.

Main Indian costumes in ancient times were wrapped around the waist. Vedic literature depicts a good idea about the ancient clothing in India. Rig Veda consists of various terms for garments such as andpratidhi, kurlra and adhivastra. Adhivastra means a veil, kurlra denotes to a head-dress and lastly andpratidhi means any part of women’s costume. Wool and linen also used to make costumes. Vedas also states the usages of gold ornaments. Rukma and Niska were some of the popular gold ornaments for the ear and the neck.

Indian Clothing in Vedic Age

Atharva Veda states that garment commonly consists of a chest-cover, an outer cover and an inner cover. Andpratidhi and kurlra were in texts of Rig Veda while tirlta, nivi, kumba, upavasana, usnlsa and vavri can be found in Atharva Veda. They indicate upper garment, veil and underwear, and the remaining 3 denote the types of head-dress. Kambala (blanket) and updnaha (footwear) are also available in Atharva Veda. Apart from, wool and linen, silk was extensively used as one of the top garment materials. Mani (a type of jewel) is also in the texts of Vedas as a beautiful ornament. Cosmetics were also used extensively as decorating materials. Different types of medicines were in used to avoid baldness.

Clothing in Brahmana Era

During Brahmana era, people were concerned a lot about their dresses and adornments. Weaving, sewing and knitting were popular. Garments were commonly designed by silk, cotton and wool. The garment comprised of 3 parts, under garment, outer garment and the main garment. Some Brahmanas like Shatapatha extensively used silver and gold ornaments. Beautiful necklaces were also used by Shatapatha Brahmana. Such necklaces were mainly made of pearls and gold. The ancient Indian tribes were so enthusiastic about jewelleries. 

Clothing in Sutra Age

During Sutra Age, different types of garments were worn made of bark, cotton, silk, wool, hemp, flax and animal skin. Kauseya and Ksauma words were used to signify the garments made of silk and linen. On special occasions, mostly men used to wear usnisa (a traditional turban). Adhivdsa was used to signify an upper garment. An outer cover or wrapper was called as Prdvarana. Sewing and weaving were very trendy.

Clothing in Puranas Age

Materials used to make garments in Puranas Age were linen, cotton, wool and silk. Puranic texts mentioned that hairs of men were shaved completely. At times they used to keep a tuft. Dishevelled and long hairs were not preferable. As per the Indian Puranas, most common head-dresses worn by the people were mukuta and usnisa. Popular ornaments of that time were ahgada and keyura.

Pali works show the clothing commonly for Buddhist people. Dhammapada denotes to those who were wearing yellow robes with beautiful stones made ear. Literary sources mention that costumes of ancient India were colourful and diverse.

Clothing in Epic Age

There are many references of epic age in India, mainly epic Mahabharata and Ramayana. In Ramayana, several references to garments mainly glittering robes can be seen. Elders used to wear 2 pieces of garment, 1 upper and other lower garment called as uttariya and vastra, respectively. Women also like adorn themselves with adhovastra and uttariya. Tailor (tunnavdya) and needle (sucl) were the symbol of sewn clothes. Sartorial was also on a high demand. Turbans or usnlsas and jackets and kancukas were worn mainly by solders and servants. This type of headgear was also worn by the women of Raksasa tribe. It can be found in leather and wooden sandals.

Ornament of Ancient India

Main ornaments include earring or Kundala, necklace or hara, ring or ahgullyaka, and bracelet or hastabharana. Kundala were two kinds of that are vadamstrd and karnavesta. Bracelets and necklaces were worn extensively by both males and females. In Ramayana era, these necklaces were prevalent niska, maid hiranmayi and graiveyaka.

Beaded White

White Beaded Dress - ON MEGA SALE- now under $70 (more sizes here) // Celine Bag (not sold online - similar here) // Tory Burch Flip Flops (more sizes here - most comfortable flips flops ever!) // Karen Walker Sunglasses
Photos JessaKae Photography

I got this dress for Beckam's 3 month shoot. I wanted to do an all white look and loved the little detailing on this one. I can't wait to share the pictures with you guys in a couple weeks.  White dresses are one of my favorites. I love the clean classic look. I've been looking for a pretty white lace one and have my eyes on this and this, but am obsessed with this one. Below are a few other gorgeous white pieces.
Victoria Beckham Cotton-blend floral-jacquard dress
Reverse Lace Shift Dress
Bliss White Lace Dress
BB Dakota White Lace Dress
MM Couture Open-Back Lace Dress
French Connection 'California' Eyelet Blouson Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress with Necklace
Jarlo Wonderland Maxi Dress
Sand Kisses Embroidered White Maxi Dress

I have been bad at posting this week. B caught his first cold. Poor little guy has had a fever, coughs, and lots of cries. At first we thought he was teething but then took him to the doctor and they said he has a little virus. Nothing breaks your heart more than seeing your little one in pain. He's been waking up every hour at night just screaming, which is so rare for him he usually sleeps 8 hours straight. We've tried adding a humidifer and giving him lukewarm baths which help a little, but if you have any other tips for soothing I'd love to know what has helped your little ones. I know a cold isn't a huge deal, but it's the first time he's been sick so naturally I overly worry.



Good morning, Everyone! Hope your week is going great so far! So, I feel like after wearing this Helmut Lang blazer in 4 of my recent posts, I owe you a bit of an explanation:) Those of you who read my blog on regular basis, know that blazers happen to be a particular weakness of mine. But finding a great-fitting white blazer, well..., that is a full-blown obsession! Despite the fact that you can find white blazers in great abundance pretty much anywhere you look, finding just the right one is not always so simple. I have to admit, I am a bit particular about the fit. Normally, I look for something that isn't too long, or too short, is well-tailored and works with both dressy and casual looks. So, when I spotted this dream-of-a-blazer, I knew I found what I was looking for! Of course now the problem is that I can't stop wearing it! Honestly! I really can't! It goes with everything I have in my closet and somehow manages to complete every look in the most magical of ways! So, I apologize in advance if it is going to continue making an unprecedented number of appearances on this blog. Basically the blazer and I are completely inseparable and I simply can't imagine parting ways, even for a little while:)  

Diamond Brunch sunglasses via Nasty Gal | Helmut Lang twisted blazer | Schutz Fiorenza sandals | Jimmy Choo Rebel grainy calf cross body bag Whitney Eve floral print and lace dress / Miansai Tarn gold cuff | Gold Philosophy layered pearl ring

Thank you for reading
& Keep On Smiling,


I've been busy moving so the blog hasn't gotten as much attention as it should have. Everything's going to get back to normal very soon!

One step outside the city

wwq9 6

 I am tired of the city. I really need an escapade somewhere in the middle of nature, to see the woods, smell fresh air, feel the cool breeze of the mountain, gather flowers and berries to my own heart's content. I have to make this possible soon or I will go nuts, I am sure most of you felt this at a certain point in your life. As much as I am a city girl, I just need to disconnect from time to time.
Finding this little abandoned corner of nature about three minutes from where I live in Cluj, near the edge of the city, made me think more about the idea of an escapade; this idea was strongly endorsed by the beautiful landscapes I saw when I travelled back in my hometown and smelled the green air of nature while the wind was strongly blowing through my hair.

  wwq9 7wwq9 3 wwq9 2 wwq9 wwq9 4 wwq9 5 

I will end this article in a peaceful manner, just as I so much desire, with a song that is obsessing my mind right now:

Wearing: Zara pants, Primark thrifted bag, BeYou shirt, Meli Melo necklace

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

JCA "Help Style Me!" Weekly Post

This is the weekly "Help Style Me!" post, where we can share items we are having trouble putting outfits together with. Elaine (in this post) says it best, "You know, that thing you bought because you love it and you keep pulling it out and then putting it away without wearing it?"

Please share your J.Crew item (either that you own or are thinking about getting) that you would love help creating an outfit with.

Also, please help out by offering your styling advice. Feel free to include links to your blog (where you incorporated that piece) or to Polyvore (where you showcased an outfit with that piece). Thanks in advance! :)

AD CAMPAIGN: Liu Wen for Massimo Dutti, Fall/Winter 2014

Model: Liu Wen (The Society)
Ad Campaign: Massimo Dutti, Fall/Winter 2014
Photographer: Hunter & Gatti
Stylist: Marina Gallo
Hair: Paco Garrigues
Makeup: Tina Monzon


"Looking to LOVE" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to LOVE with J.Crew" post, a place to share our favorite experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a positive situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including stellar experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.

Did you Agree with the Judges?

There is still time to vote in our Season 13, Episode 1 poll.

Click here for the survey.

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Le Fashion Blog -- Oversized button down and cut off shorts -- Anna Harrison of Russh Magazine -- New York Street Style via Free People Blog photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cut-Off-Crazy-Button-Down-Denim-Shorts-New-York-Street-Style.jpg
Le Fashion Blog -- Oversized button down, layered necklaced and cut off shorts -- New York Street Style via Free People Blog photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cut-Off-Crazy-Button-Layered-Necklaces-Down-Denim-Shorts-New-York-Street-Style.jpg
Photos via: Free People Blog

I know, I know. I've been posting a lot of cut-offs lately, but I can't help it! They're perfect for a casual summer look and go with almost anything. How good do they look here styled with layered necklaces and an oversized button down?

Get the look: