Friday, July 18, 2014

3 Ways to Boost Social Media Interaction Without Trying TOO Hard

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Today we are going to share our personal "Sushi Time" experience and how you can apply this very technique and see immediate results in your Restaurant.

A friend of ours has been bugging us for months to join him at his favorite Sushi joint in town....we were so very pleased when we finally took the "plunge" for an evening off with the sweet reward of Saska's

Let's get right to it and highlight the top 3 ways you can boost your interaction with your clients who come in to see you often.


1. REWARD Them

This speaks to your employees and your patrons. When you give, you will receive...its the magic of good karma. There are many ways to reward employees without giving them cash. Rewarding your patrons is what we call "The Hook-up" and yes this might mean a free drink or complimentary appetizer perhaps a happy hour they can't refuse. Saska's has Dinner Specials, Sushi Specials and Coupons prominently displayed on their website. (Thumbs Up Saska's) 

Bonus TIP: Run a contest among your employees, its a social media contest. Each day of the week they are responsible for posting one picture on the Restaurants fan page, encourage them to share with their friends, whoever gets the most likes at the end of the week will WIN. REWARD OPTIONS: Day Off Pass, Lottery Tickets, Double Time, Hire them a Maid...the list goes on. 

2. Take Lots of Photos

Capture your business interacting with smiling, happy customers. Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are tailored to the #Foodies of the world. As you know...every where we go we take pictures of our food (and share them with you later) and we are not alone, two other tables during our Sushi adventure where also snapping #sushiselfies 

Bonus TIP: Take it to the next level and shoot small video clips of interactions that take place in the restaurant. (examples: Capture a Customer "Cheers", Chef preparing an appetizer)
Or you can hire us to do it for you. We came up with this lovely video, go ahead push play and watch this master chef go to work!

3. Build Personal Relationships with Your Customers

Your loyal customers like to feel VIP. Every staff member, whether its the bartender, greeter or server needs to make building relationships a top priority. Encourage them to get involved in your social media platforms by hosting contests and giveaways. Check out these 10 Ways Restaurants are Using Social Media:

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The Luxe Gen Social Media Services in San Diego