Friday, July 25, 2014

Daman Kurti Chunder – Women’s Dress in Haryana

Daman Kurti Chunder is one of the popular costumes for women in Haryana. It is a preferred choice for women living the colourful land of Haryana. The traditional costume can be found in a wide variety, designs, colours and patterns. With a little search you can come across a number of options for Daman Kurti Chunder.

Chunder is a piece of cloth that is found in various ranges of colours. Such beautiful and colourful Chunder is intertwined with shimmering laces. Chunder is wrapped across the upper portion of body. Its main aim is similar to Aanchal of sari and Duppatta of salwar-kameez.

Upper part of the body is covered with kurti (a small blouse). It is commonly available in white colour. Daman is a long skirt, flaring at the bottom. Daman commonly comes in vibrant hues.

Daman-Kurti-Chunder maintains the quality with fine sobriety. Girls in Haryana beautify themselves with this dress and look attractive.