Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fashion in India

India has many ancient costume designs and traditions with a developing fashion industry. Indian fashion is popular throughout the world because of its unique styles, designs, innovations and a lot more. Change in trend is the demand of today’s world that happens in fashion industry as well. The demand of Indian costumes is also increasing globally and in many western countries people love to wear Indian outfits.

Fashion is a language of symbols, indications and representations. Fashion comprises pierced navel, tattoos, new hairstyles, fashionable clothes and many more. Different things can be done to make a new fashion. Latest trends also change from time to time. Indian fashion designers also design trendy attires.

What is Fashion?

Fashion word is derived from Latin terms “to make”. It consists of toys, interior architecture, clothing and models. In other words, fashion means enjoyment, a living pattern and spirit. In fashion a person gets involved in snug and becomes comfortable with his/her style. It is a method of evaluating a mood which is helpful in several ways like socially, psychologically and culturally. 

For centuries people have been using cloths to drape themselves to show their class, occupation, rank, wealth, gender and locality. Fashion not just comprises costumes, but other stuffs as well like jewellery, hairstyles, bags, body arts, beautify products, shoes, etc. As per individual’s taste the person can choose specific product.

Fashion not only embraces clothing, but also hairstyles, body art, shoes, bags, jewellery and beauty products all constitute today`s fashion trends. Fashion in all its forms from a tattooed and pierced navel, to the newest hairstyle, is the best form of iconography we have to express individual identity. As far as clothes are concerned, fashion is based on fabric, colour and cuts.

Everyone comes across with fashion related things on a daily basis. Change is something that happens in fashion world on a regular basis. If any popular actor wears anything, it comes in tread very quickly. Collections in Milan, London, New York and Paris are commonly set in advance. Fashion designers also get new ideas from books, music, television, videos, movies and other interesting things happening around them.

Indian fashion designers are also very talented and made India proud to their nation. Some of them include Ashish Soni, Ritu Kumar, JJ Vallaya, Suneet Varma, Neeta Lulla and Shantanu Goenka. If any popular personality or celebrity adorns any dress, hairstyle, jewellery, or any other fashionable thing, it comes in limelight. Their fan followers start adopting that style and it comes in trend. Bollywood has a big impact in Indian fashion industry. Popular starts like Salman Khan, ShahRukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have so many fan followers. Whatsoever they wear becomes a fashion trend.

Many innovations are also done with traditional costumes of India. New concepts are accepted by customers as well and they buy unique and exclusive outfits. The real charm of Indian fashion market lies in its traditional ornaments, costumes and other stuff. Old fashion always returns and it can be seen in India as well.

History of Indian Fashion Industry 

History of Indian clothing belongs to an earlier time. However, fashion industry is almost new and it comprises Indian traditional costumes with variations in regional clothing such as dhoti, sari, sari, suit salwar and others. Indian fashion industry was established by getting inspired from the western fashion industries. Fashion includes a wide range of adornments, costumes, hair styles, bags, accessories, dressing and a lot more. Embroidery and sewing of different thread practices and others come into fashion.

A combination of western culture and Indian tradition can be seen in different types of fashionable costumes, pants, shirts, skirts and others. Though fashion designers of India have inspired from the fashion industries of western countries, they also remember the end consumers who are going to adorn these accessories. So they remember to give a local touch to the western outfits to make them comfy for Indians.

To give a big boost to Indian textile industry, the well-known fashion designer Ritu Kumar started textile print work that helped hand block printing methods of Bengal. This also becomes a part of fashion industry. Ritu started her first and foremost boutique in the capital of India, Delhi in 1966. Zardozi embroidery was shown by her in garments in 1973 that was originated during Mughal era. Rival of the embroidery art got significant praise in Indian society. It becomes widely used for Indian wedding costumes and one of the leading fashion exporting products.

Mumbai and Delhi are the main fashion cities for manufacturing unique and exclusive fashionable accessories. Some other fashion cities of Indian include Bangalore or Bengaluru, Kolkata and Lucknow.