Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ghagra Choli or Lehenga Choli for Women

Traditional Indian costume Ghagra Choli or Lehenga Choli is very popular in several parts of India. Young girls and women love to wear beautiful collections of this dress. It is a combination of long size of skirt with an embroidered blouse. Ghagra or Lehenga is the long skirt and Choli is the blouse.

The costume is worn with a dupatta (a piece of cloth), around the neck and head to cover the upper part of the body. Lehenga or ghagra resembles any loose flowing garment that covers the ankles and waist. These are some rich costumes of India and both choli and ghagra are made from beautiful designs and shades.

Superior fabrics like chiffon or georgette, silk, crepe or tussar are used to make excellent Lehenga Choli. Due to its exclusive splendour of designs, the clothing is favoured by women in India. All sets of ghagra choli show specific characteristic. Moreover, there are distinctive patters and designs for Lehenga Choli by different companies and individual fashion designers. A wide range of embroidery designs available for Lehenga and Choli such as Zardozi embroidery, mirorwork, Zariwork, ariwork, beadswork and Kundan-embroidery. Zardozi is beautiful Persian looking embroidery, which is completed with silver and gold threads.

An excellent combination of tradition with modern innovation can help in making Lehengas in different colours like 1 intermingling with other and a base shinning with 2 colours. Zardozi’s medley can be seen with buta work. In today’s time, its marvellous combination is the main attraction. It looks dazzling and vibrant in traditional clothing. Ghagra choli is also related to eye-catching accessories such as diamond, gold, gem-studded ornaments and Kundan.

In weddings, girls’ first choice is Lehenga choli. Bride prefers wearing the dress. Special Lehenga choli is designed for brides. Bride also looks beautiful in this dress and attracts the crowd. It is one of the most glamorous wedding dresses.  Lehenga or ghagra for wedding are available in sensational colours like red and pink with beautiful embroidery. The dress is preferred as the main bridal attire in most Indian communities. Moreover, the dress is also worn in several special occasions and festivals like Navaratri and Diwali.

Ghagra choli is also a daily wear of many tribes living in the country such as Banjara in Rajasthan. Women look pretty after reading this dress. So they always give importance to Ghagra choli. Ethnicity and ancient culture has played a big role in forming Ghagra choli popular attire not only in India but many parts of the world. Photos of many Hollywood actresses can also be seen wearing Ghagra choli. Thus, it can be called as a trendy and fashionable dress.