Monday, July 7, 2014

J.Crew Sizing... Running Large For You Too?

In last week's "J.Crew Now Offers XXXS {yeah size 000!}" post, there was a great discussion among JCAs about J.Crew's foray into extra extra extra small sizing. I mentioned vanity sizing at J.Crew as one of the reasons behind offering a new size (size 000).

Another reason, and the main topic of this post, is that J.Crew is offering more and more pieces that simply run big. Since some of us prefer a more tailored look, we end up sizing down a size or two.

Take the gorgeous Boy Shirt in Beaded Chambray (item 02967) as an example. The photo shows the button down as form fitting on the model and the description even labels it as "tailored fit". HA! The reality is that this shirt is drowning in extra fabric. (Boy shirts at J.Crew tend to be looser and this one is no exception.) I could never achieve the fitted look in the Beaded Chambray shirt with my normal size 2. In fact, I had to size down to a size 00. With my 34B chest, I still had room because it had a chest of 35 inches. So for those who are a size 0 or 00 in J.Crew, what do they do?

Another example is the Stripe Back-Zip Dress (item A8184). This a beautiful dress, perfect for Summer! In order to get the same look as the model above, I had to go down a whole size because the bodice felt large.

I know what some of you are thinking... "Hey, it is meant to be loose!" I can understand that point, especially with the Boy Shirts. However, when the images and description are displaying a tailored fit for an item, it would be nice if the item actually fit that way without having to size down or up.

Some of you are also thinking, "Hey, it's not unusual to have to size up or down in one piece of clothing from an entire line. Give J.Crew a break!" I can understand this point too. One of the reasons I shop at J.Crew is the consistency in sizing. I feel very comfortable ordering online without having to try on the item beforehand. However, I have just been noticing lately that more and more pieces are running large. Not all of them, or even the majority of items being offered by J.Crew, but just more than usual.

Which is why I am also so thankful that JCAs share their reviews in the Weekly Review posts. Plus, I am happy that J.Crew finally offers customer reviews and includes "overall fit". I can see on the item page whether an item runs large or small.

But back to my main point... I think with so many pieces running big, J.Crew has to offer smaller sizes because these customers would just get left out otherwise.

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's current sizing? Do you think they have been running large in more pieces lately? If so, please share! :)