Friday, July 25, 2014

Lungi Costume for Men

Lungi is a type of loincloth which is stitched. Unlike dhoti, lungi appears like a long skirt. In order to wear this clothing, its upper part is tucked around the waist with a few knots. Lose lungi is uncomfortable. So, the wearer ensures to tuck and knot it properly so that it does not fall down.

Lungi in white colour signifies that it is a dress for formal events while other designer and colourful lungis are good for festivals. Colours in Indian attires matter a lot cultural, religion and democratic wise.

Lungi can be found in motif-prints, stripes or single-coloured. Different patterns of lungi are available in the market to choose from. Stripes can be found in dual colours alongside the background colour. Mostly lungis are made with white and black stripes, at the lower and upper margins. Strips are also very essential part of lungi to make it look better. 

Though lungi is prevalent throughout the world, it is worn extensively in Kerala, Goa and West Bengal. In those places, men can be seen wearing lungi on a daily basis. In coastal areas, fishermen mostly wear lungi. It is a comfortable garment for fishermen. Another main advantage of lungi for fishermen is that the garment can be used for sailing purpose. These features make lungi the first costume choice for fishermen in India. For them lungi is an important part of their day-to-day life and meets their best requirements.

Lungi is the daily Islamic attire in India. Muslims have a custom to gift lungi to groom such as silk and cotton lungis, beautified with ornate designs. The regional costume in Goa for fishermen is also lungi. In Kerala, both men and women wear lungi. Lungi is a traditional dress for labourers as well.

In Assam, there is a community called Mekhla where women wear a lungi type petticoat. Lungi is a preferred dress for many tribes in India. In Arunachal Pradesh, there is a Tangsa tribe where men’s formal costume is green lungi with red, white and yellow interweave. Men living in other sections of the society also wear lungi. Bengali men wear lungi at home to stay comfortably.

Lungi is an ethnic costume of India. In different parts of the country, people can be seen wearing lungi. So it is an integral part of traditional Indian clothing.