Friday, July 25, 2014

PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway "Road To The Runway"--Recap and Behind-The-Scenes Pics

L.A. Casting: (L to R) Nick Verreos, Tim Gunn and Marie Claire US Fashion Editor At Large Alison Edmond--"Road To The Runway Season 13 Project Runway"

Right before Thursday night's Premiere of Lifetime's "Season 13 Project Runway", the "Road To The Runway" special aired...

The show concentrated on the final designers who made it through the castings/auditions (and therefore, onto the show). I was honored to have been asked to judge the Southern California/L.A. Castings/Auditions of the season--along with Tim Gunn and Marie Calire US Fashion Editor-At-Large Alison Edmond...

Road To The Runway Season 13 Project Runway

Four of the 16 total designers who made it onto the show came from our L.A./Southern California Castings/Auditions including...

Emily Payne of San Francisco: Emily had auditioned several times for the show and well, perseverance (finally) payed off. Every time she auditioned, I was one of the Casting Judges.


Carrie Sleutskaya of Los Angeles: Carrie is a self-described "Super Russian" and loves Japanese Anime and leather directional designs. Her fashion illustrations are AMAZING!  I was impressed by her designs as well. She does love a leather torso harness though and not sure how far that will take her.

Angela Sum of Los Angeles: Angela was mousy from the beginning but I loved her designs. They were so directional, feminine, ethereal...She designed and made her own wedding gown as well as her bridesmaids and they were fabulous. She may not be "TV Ready" in terms of an in-your-face personality but...

Finally, the last designer from our Casting who made it through:

Kini Zamora of Hawaii: I remember Kini from several other Castings/Auditions I judged in L.A. (how could you forget him!!??). I liked him every time but his designs didn't scream "NY Fashion Week Fab!' but this time his denim sportswear designs had "something". And yes, he was always soooo sweet and likable. Great "TV" traits (I should be a Casting Producer!).

Who Am I? Nick Verreos--Season 13 Project Runway L.A. Castings/Auditions

All Smiles: (L to R) Season 13 Project Runway L.A. Castings/Auditions Judges Nick Verreos, Tim Gunn and Alison Edmond

Mentor-Mentor: Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos, Season 13 Project Runway L.A. Castings/Auditions

In case you missed "Road To The Runway" can watch it HERE!