Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sherwani and Churidar– Costume for Men

Sherwani is a traditional costume of India with a quality of splendour. In ancient times, sherwani was introduced as an official costume for Persian Turkish aristocrats. Later on it formed a part of Delhi Sultanate.

This majestic captivation has gained a lot of fame in the Northern India, mainly in Punjab region. Sherwani looks like a coat and it is a knee length garment which is it beautifully decorated with buttons and firmly stitched. To get the preferred get-up, the costume is properly buttoned up at the time of wearing. It is possible to buy ready-made sherwani or order the desired one in any boutique. It consists of terry wool, cotton, tussar, raw silk and quality fabric.  

Nehru collar is a type of collar which is popular in sherwani. The first Prime Minister of India used to wear sherwani that made Nehru collar popular in this dress. Sherwani and churidar can also be found with a wide range of trousers. Sherwani and churidar are also very popular in Pakistan.

Sherwanis are commonly found in light shades such as beige, cream and white. Mainly an apparel of groom, sherwani is adorned with beautiful embroidery like Zardozi. This is an excellent Persian embroidery beautiful studded with silver and gold threads and stones. Sometimes with gold thread and copper wire are used for embroidery.

Churidar is a fitted trouser worn with sherwani. Light shade of churidars is mostly available in the market to choose from. It is also possible to get the desired churidar by ordering it with any fashion designers. Mostly churidar and sherwani are ordered for grooms.

A Sherwani-Churidar is worn with stunning jutti (footwear) like Mojri, Khussa and Nagra. Thus, the dress offers a great aura to the wear.