Thursday, July 3, 2014

The little black ...jumpsuit!

shed12 2 

 Yesterday I arrived in my hometown but only for a few days, because Saturday I have to be in Bucharest for the 30 seconds to Mars concert - I mean, how could I resist not seeing this face live?! No, no, I am not going to the concert for that reason only, but I am excited anyway!
 I made these photos the day I arrived home, and well, it was charming (insert irony tone here) to feel the heat on my skin and to feel dead tired and lifeless after I got home. Oh, the wonderful days of Summer.. 

Anyway, I am wearing here a very cute jumpsuit (even the word itself is cute and funny) I got recently from Sheinside , even though I really thought about it first because I am not really a fan of them, but it seems that recently they started to grow on me, especially these short ones! I mean, look at how long my legs look! Since it's in black, it was very easy to accessorize it in any way possible (you can choose some high heels and sparkly jewelry for a dinner out in the city or a not-too-fancy party) and I chose to wear some color - because it was needed! 
Oh yes, and you can imagine the stares I got from all the town's grandmas; seriously, this place is getting too old.

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Wearing: Sheinisde jumpsuit , thrifted sandals and bag, random brand bracelets and sunglasses and handmade necklace.