Monday, July 21, 2014

Types of Costumes in India

A brief view of Indian costumes can give a good replica of the country’s tradition and culture. Dressings of any country’s people reflect a lot about the inhabitants. The term costume relates to attires or unique type of dressing of a particular society. It relates to an innovative collection of accessories in play, picture, poem and statue. In India costumes also refer to some special clothes that an individual wears to beautify himself/herself on special occasions, marriages or festivals.

A wide category of Indian costumes are available such as:

National costumes:

National costumes are also called as regional costumes depicting the culture and tradition of India. The costume is also connected to the national pride. National costume of India shows the country’s true colour.

Theatrical costumes:

Theatrical costumes can be seen in dramas, plays and movies. Bollywood is the main film industry of India where you can find a wide range of theatrical dressings for men and women. Such costumes represent the character and personality of wearers.

Festival costumes:

On special occasions and festivals people buy costumes. It is an old tradition in India. So, costumes have strong relation with festivals. Wearing new costumes has become an important part of festivals like Diwali, Eid-al-Fitr, Christmas, etc. Shopping of costumes during festivals is too much. Mostly people like to wear traditional costumes like kurta pyjama, sari, dhoti kurta, suit salwar, etc.

Costumes for children:

Special types of costumes are designed for kids. They are vibrant, fancy and colourful. Beautiful dresses for kids provide great joy and fun. Pictures of cartoon characters, flowers, animals and attractive designs can be seen on children’s costumes. With special costumes, they want to look similar to their superhero or animals.

In a civilized society, clothing plays an essential role. Beautiful accessories and costumes glorify one’s charm and personality.